Who is Q?

I call myself Q because I am a Star Trek Fan. No, I'm not a Trekker or Trekkie, just a fan. I don't have a copy of Spock Sings!, but enjoy the "Q" Character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I like the way he is all powerful, all-knowing, sarcastic and always trying to help humans improve themselves in his own way. Kinda like me! Well, maybe a little. My real name is not important. Call me Q because it makes me feel self-important and omnipotent (like most Politicians). I am at times serious, sarcastic or just full of myself. That is the way I survive mentally in a world where U.S. Presidents get extra-marital blow jobs in the Blue Room and Billion Dollar Companies get bail-outs.

I'm not about being a republican, democrat, independent or whatever. I'm about being American and being fed up with loser Politicians whose only goals are self-enrichment and the promotion of their personal political views. They have forgotten what it means to be an American and I am here to try and remind them. Or, maybe I'm just here to remind you what America could be if we all tried harder and elected people that actually cared. Being elected doesn't mean you get to stop listening to the people that put you there and do what you want or what your party wants you to do. O.K. Enough for now.