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Articles - Political and Hysterical Historical

I Am No Longer Proud To Be An American

CBS News Trashes D-Day Heroes

It’s Still Not O.K. To Be Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual In High School

License, please?

Imagine A World Without...

Some Advice For The Next First Lady Of The United States

Who Will Win The Battle Of Sandy: Obama or Romney?

Young American Women Want The Real Thing

Supersize ME? Not in New York City!

Pregnancy and Prom Patrols: What’s Next?

Election 2012: When Religion and Politics Mix

Should Education Include Junk Science?

The Blind Leading The Blind: U.S. Government Policies Are For The Birds!

The Secret Service Agents and The Hot Girls: A Match Made In Heaven

Kindergarten Cops: Should Children Go To Jail For Throwing Blocks?

D.C. Becomes Party Town USA at the Taxpayer’s Expense

Can Anyone Stop The Big Government Insanity? No Passports, Hugs or Gender Specific Rest Rooms For YOU!

Are Real ‘Hunger Games’ In Our Future?

Supreme Stupidity: The U.S. High Courts Trashes Your Rights Again

How Schools Set The Stage For Disaster

The Motivation Behind Media Bias: Why Are They Trying To Blame Trayvon?

The Wearing of the Green has some Folks seeing Red

The Afghanistan Koran Burnings: Facts verses Fiction

Drug Tests For Federal Pay Checks

Here’s Some Advice For The 2012 Presidential Candidates: Learn A Lesson From George Bailey

Costa Concordia Captain: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up (and back on board)

Is President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran a U.S. Spy?

Politics 2012: Attack Ads and Millionaire Politicians

I Can Explain The 'Occupy' Movement

It’s Time That Idiots Stop Using God As An Excuse For Bad Behavior

The Future Of The Failure Farm

Who Wants To Be A Flunkie?

Another Easter Ruined!

Turning Rats Into Cats

Do You Believe?

Predicting The Future

Remember Tiananmen Square

Can PC equal DOA?

Happy Birthday: Not everyone is happy!

Do You Know Your Place?

MP-Free or Not? The Napster Wars

Election 2000: What Is The law?

Who Is To Blame?

The Dragon Bites!

Gore Vidal and Timothy McVeigh

The Senator's Revenge

Missing in Washington: Integrity!

Self-Hating Americans Strike Again!

The Year Some Finally Listened!

Vote For The Dead!

The Monsters That We Made

Invisible People

Government Authoritarianism

Terrorism: The Price We Have Paid

It's O.K. To Be Gay (but not in school!)

What Does SUV Stand For???

The Three Whistleblowers

Thanks? No Thanks!

Hey Teddy, It Ain’t Vietnam!

News Nay Sayers

To Inform or Influence?

Free Speech: It Isn't Free Anymore!

Resist Junk Science and Save Your Kids

Can You Speak English

A Texas-Sized Problem


Martha: Be A Good Girl and Act Your Age!

Does Clean Mean Extreme Green?

I Hate To Say That I Told You So!

Land of Make Believe

Articles - Entertainment, Culture and Society

Big Brother 15: Racism Verses Ratings
Reality Shows You Should Watch Even If They Are Less Reality and More Fun

The Amy's Baking Company Debacle

You Gotta Love Those Vikings!

It’s Time For Famous Pot Princes, Princesses and Stoners To Face The Truth

Banshee: Entertainment That Works Without Guilt

What is So Special About Vampires, Wizards and Death Games?

Super Stars Unite For Super Storm Relief

The Rolling Stones: It’s Still Rock and Roll To Them After 50 years Of ‘Bad Boy’ Behavior

Movie Sound Track Recordings: The New Beanie Babies?

If You Like Going To The Movies, Take Your Best Shot At Appearing In One

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert: Musical Role Models

Entertainment: Everything Old Is New Again

Animated Family Friendly Films Have Become Consistent Hits At The Box Office: Should Hollywood Take Notice?

Has Scientology Made Tom Cruise The Big Bad Wolf?

The Today Show Dumps On Ann Curry

Dallas Is Back: Can It Help Save Television?

Did America’s Got Talent Get Totally Scammed?

The Zombies Have Finally Arrived...

DNA Burial: The Future of Funerals

July 9, 2012 Could Be Doomsday For Many Internet Users

Will The Real ‘Dark Shadows’ Please Stand Up?

Wild Celebrity and Pundit Rants: Why Some Get Spanked and Others Get A Pass

Battle of the Reality Show Judges: Who Will Be The Winner (and how much will it cost)?

Look Out American Idol, The Circus Is Coming To The X-Factor!

IDOL, X- FACTOR and THE VOICE: It Started With A Guy named Godfrey

Super Bowl XLVI Creates Controversy

Fear Factor Makes An ‘Ass’ Out Of NBC

What Are The Academy Awards and Why Do All Actors Want An Oscar?

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