Can PC equal DOA?

by Q

It's no surprise that what we call the NEWS has moved from simple reporting, almost completely into the arena of commentary. But, how far have those who report the news crossed over the line?

In many areas throughout the USA, local TV News has become happy news. This isn't to say that those smiling faces do not bring you the bad with the good. The bad still equals better ratings. Instead, the news broadcast begins and ends with the premise that everything in our town is great!

When something bad happens it's an abberation, a mistake! After all, the local government is run without corruption or error. The police are dedicated public servents. If they beat in a few heads or keep inmates in the Arizona Desert during summers when temperatures reach 115 degress F, these horrible criminals deserve what they get!

Now, all that sounds good, right? After all, honest and hard working Americans are sick of crime and the cost of incarceration! The problem begins when little sixteen year old Johnny gets arrested with the big bad Ecstasy dealer. It is only when little Johnny is mistreated and then later found to be merely an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, that people take notice.

In Arizona that means little Johnny, guilty or not, will probably be placed in what amounts to a room smaller then the average walk-in closet with twenty other criminals. He could stay in that room, luxuriously equipped with one open toilet, for up to sixteen hours during processing. No beds, no seats, nothing.

There's no guarantee that the area will be air conditioned, either. That's because those in charge of Arizona's wild wild west penal system recently decided that dogs (which somehow end up in their custody) should be kept in the air conditioned cells to forstall those nasty cruelty against animals law suits, while humans are warehoused in tents out in the desert.

We are always lead to believe that States like New York are ahead when it comes to penal reform. Only in your dreams!

It's been reported that up to one quarter of the population of U.S. inmates may have or be carrying the AIDS virus. Yet doctors, who give inmates blood tests as they are processed for arrest in New York City, use the same needle for whole groups of people to extract blood!

It seems sad that in a city where the Mayor can afford an extra wife and a good dinner costs about $500, that the penal systen cannot spring a few bucks to be sure each person processed for arrest gets a fresh and clean needle when their blood is collected!

There was a time when the News was a financial drain on most local TV stations. But now it can turn a nice profit if the stories are good. But, it's tough to get good stories if the cops and the local government don't play ball with you.

Is it possible that the happy news comes from a lack of willingness on the part of TV News to bite the hands that feed them? You bet! But, please don't let me leave you with the impression that local TV News has simply sold out to those they should be holding accountable. It goes far deeper than that.

The happy news, both local and national, is PC perfect. Political Correctness has taken common decency and respect for your fellow human and turned it into something perverted. PC has grown to pander and protect people of all backgrounds. It has become the standard for all News activity.

It's alright to mistreat prisoners because they are not typical of any race. There are no bad white, black, spanish, oriental or mixed race people. Those who are accused of crimes are abberations of the human condition. They do not and cannot represent their race. Why should hard working, honest people of all races be made to pay for these abberations and their proper incarceration?

While part of that statement is reasonable and fair, it also reveals how PC can hurt the innocent along with the guilty. How it tends to de-humanize all in the name of trying to make us act more human toward each other!

If politicians and police use PC to hold local and national News Media hostage, they also are held hostage to this cruel master. In the USA, governments on all levels are now merely slaves to the PC envirement they helped create and expand.

Where do we go to get the truth in a PC controlled envirement? From ourselves! Though highly controlled, the internet still allows some level of free expression. But, if the U.S. Government has it's way, that will be a thing of the past. After all, PC is a religion that demands complete surrounder and allows for no exceptions.

The News Media always paints the internet as a place where rumor rules, when it comes to news and current events. But just watch three different newscasts any night in your town and note how each gets the facts incorrect or completely wrong!

PC kicks in again. After all, the News Media cares (about what, I do not know) and exists not only to report the news, but to help (themselves). So what if they get the bad news wrong? How many times have they helped some poor soul who spent $100 for a broken Thigh Master get their money back!

If you are not careful, PC may kill you or your family while the news media dn governments sit back and do nothing. Lawsuits have recently been filed against Car Rental companies and some in the Travel industry who have sought to warn Tourists to avoid high crime areas of certain cities in most all Countries. It's just not PC!

A group of Teachers from the Southwest recently took their first trip to New York City. Excited at being in a place so different from their own, they rented a car and decided to go exploring.

While stopping at a Gas Station in Manhattan just after dark, a Police vehicle pulled up behind them. One cop got out of the patrol car and walked up to one of the Teachers paying for the gas.

The police officer said, "Do you know you have a big sign on your car that says, 'We are stupid tourists with money, kill and rob us.' You're about two blocks away from ending up dead. Turn around, go back the way you came, park your rental car and stay in your hotel!"

Last month, a American Family of three went just over the border into Mexico to buy cheap prescription drugs. While filling the prescription, the pharmacist said to the young couple, "Didn't you just have a young boy with you?" "Yes," they replied, looking surprised that their son had vanished in the space or less then a minute.

"Go," the pharmacist continued, "find your son right now! If you can't find him, come and tell me and we will help you. Go now!"

A quick search of the store produced no results. With the help of the staff, the couple moved their search outside into the parking area.

A clerk noticed a mexican man with a young white boy strapped into a car seat. As he approached, the man ran away leaving the child. The boy had been found!

As the parents dove into the vehicle to retrieve their son, they were horrorified to find him dead. He had been gutted and bags of drugs placed where his organs were supposed to be.

For several years now, very young white children have been stolen as their parents visited Mexico, or from U.S. Towns in or near border areas. These children are killed, gutted and drugs placed in them.

Within hours, white male and female junkies are paid to drive the dead children back across the U.S. border in late model stolen cars. They tell the border guards the children, carefully strapped in their car seats, are sleeping. Obviously, no one bothers them and the drugs are successfully brought into the USA.

Don't be fooled. I'm not picking on any particular group or Country. Things like this happen all the time throughout the world. But they are only reported when it's PC!

These incidents have not been reported by the News Media, though they were offered by concerned groups to various newspapers and TV News shows on local and national levels. There have been no Travel Advisories issued by any Goverment. These events are just not the kind of thing that good little PC soldiers act on!

Be careful, being PC might just get you or someone you love killed. And, as always, use your vote while you still can!


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