D.C. Becomes Party Town USA at the Taxpayer’s Expense

By Mysterious Q

Every year a survey comes out that recognizes the colleges and universities that are the best and biggest party schools. Not wanting to be left out and perhaps because it is a major source of funding for the students that attend those institutions of getting higher learning and letting the good times roll, it looks like Washington D.C. has thrown their hat into the yearly survey fling ring.

If recent reports about the GSA and Secret Service are true, party schools have a long way to go to catch up with some government bureaucrats. I don't know how much the average college student spends for all the partying they do, but I'm sure it doesn't come close to what a GSA employee spends for the same good time. In fact, if how much you spend on partying counts towards choosing a winner for the biggest party monster, I say that the GSA workers are way ahead of the schools and the Secret Service. According to their own figures, we're talking millions of bucks for galactic class getaways that have been a part of that agency's spending habits for years.

Not to be out done, it looks like some Secret Services agents are trying for first runner up status when it comes to being party animals. They may not spend like the GSA, but they sure know how to have a good time when they travel. In fact, they manage to mix business and pleasure which might actually place them ahead of the GSA party animals when it comes to letting the good times roll.

Anyone that thought the Secret Service were some kind of boring, crewcut, robotic folks that just stood around grimacing and looking tough in off the rack suits while talking into their Dick Tracy style wrist radios hasn't kept up with the times. The new breed of agents dress very dapper, smile occasionally and know how to keep the good times rolling. So say reports that claim the advance team that came to the nation of Colombia to prepare the way for President Obama weren't just busy checking out empty rooms, manhole covers and rooftops, they were also busy mingling with the local population. To be more specific, the working girls!

I have to admit that I have a whole new view of President Obama these days. I figured his first term would be boring and a lot like Bill Clinton's time in the White House, except for the Monica thing and that nasty little impeachment episode. I expected some political drama created by all the wide-eyed socialist wannabees Obama was sure to hire on, but not much more. With the President being a family man, it was unlikely that he would provide us with the kind of personal scandal that Clinton did. However, it now appears that our President is not just the Commander in Chief, but the Master of Ceremonies for one big party!

If the buck stops at the Oval Office like the plaque on President Harry Truman's desk once indicated, I guess that President Obama is a lot less boring and a lot more fun than we all thought possible and I am glad. When Bush (2) was in office the best we could expect from him was that he would say something that sounded really dumb and get a few laughs from that. So when a straight shooter and intelligent man like Obama took office I thought for sure the D.C. good times were over, but was I ever wrong!

If the news reports are true, those party monsters at the GSA spend more time and money having fun than doing anything else. I really wish I had applied for one of those jobs. I mean how much better can it be than getting paid to party and spend lots of money. If the You Tube videos are any indication of how things work at the GSA, it looks to me like the employees that spend the most taxpayer money and have the best times are the ones who get the most kudos. I'll bet that requests for job applications from the GSA are going the roof (if it's still on the building and hasn't been blown off by all the partying).

I don't think it will be the same way at the Secret Service office. It looks like the Prez is a bit miffed at the fact that his advance agents were having too much of a good time with the working girls in Columbia. Although I am sure there will be lots of job openings after that scandal is settled, I doubt that any of the new hires or replacements will have the same perks enjoyed by those guys who ordered the ultimate room service.

When asked to comment on the situation involving the naughty agents, President Obama said he would be angry if it was true that agents brought Prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. I wonder if that is politically-correct speak for "Do what you want on your own time, just don't embarrass me or get caught." Either way, it's too late. The President, the Secret Service and the people of the United States are embarrassed. And it's not even clear if the agents involved were on or off duty when they ordered in. If they were working, I hope they got receipts!

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