Supreme Stupidity: The U.S. High Court Trashes Your Rights Again

By Mysterious Q

It's no surprise that the Judicial Legislature better known as the U.S. Supreme Court has, yet again, trashed the rights of Americans. It wasn't enough that they managed to give teeth to over-reaching eminent domain laws making privately owned property as non-existent here in the USA as it is in the UK, where the reining Monarch has final authority and ownership over all lands. Now the jerky judges bring you strip searches for everyone.

It doesn't matter if you are justly or unjustly accused of a crime, stopped for a traffic violation, owe a fine or just killed five hundred people in cold blood, you CAN be strip searched by Police for any or no reason at all if they drag you to the station house. That means that whether they search you for legitimate reasons, or just want to COP a feel, you can be strip-searched and probably violated. So make sure you don't give your local police any reason to become annoyed with you. You might want to bath first and put on a fresh set of clothes before going out from now on.

Not only is this Supreme Court ruling beyond stupid in terms of providing police with a tool for instant revenge against anyone that even looks at them the wrong way, it also endangers the very people it is designed to help. The idea behind the ruling is to keep police officers and the environment in which they operate safe from people concealing weapons, drugs or other dangerous contraband. It's also supposed to help protect other detainee's and municipal employees from those same threats, but will strip searches really work?

We have witnessed many high speed chases, shootouts and other dangerous circumstances that occur when a suspect refuses to go quietly for fear of being arrested. Now the supremely stupid blockheads on our high court with low I.Q.s provide yet another reason for people to resist arrest. Fear of the humiliation involved in being strip-searched. While the procedure might cause most of us embarrassment or inconvenience, there are people out there that would rather die (or kill) than submit to a strip-search.

I cannot recall any incident in recent memory where anyone being brought into a police facility or court for a traffic ticket or overdue fine (and not wanted for anything else) has concealed a weapon and shot the place up. I can recall many instances where alleged perpetrators managed to over-power the officer or officers guarding them or gain access to a weapon in the same manner and cause all kinds of mayhem. Perhaps the Supreme Idiots should review the laws on hiring police and court officers to be sure that anyone wanting the job is at least six feet tall, works out ten hours a day and can take on Mike Tyson and win. That would be as unfair to law enforcement officer candidates as their interpretation on strip-searches is to the average citizen.

I was amused recently when the President of the United States complained about the Supreme Court acting as judicial legislators in the matter of his health care bill. He obviously fears that they will strike down part or all of it. Yet he is not concerned about the decision made by those same judges regarding strip-searches. It's a decision that removes yet another right from Americans in terms of unreasonable searches which had amounted to a safeguard against the abuse of police powers.

The Supreme Court Justices appear to be far more interested in how their judicial colleagues around the world will view their decisions than how those rulings will affect their fellow Americans. It's no secret that many Federal Judges use decisions made by foreign courts and based on the laws of other nations in reaching their own. I guess they think it takes a village to reach a constitutionally-sound judicial decision for Americans (or maybe some village idiots?). I would tell you to vote these knuckle heads out, but you can't. Oh well, democracy was nice while it lasted. For more provocative articles visit Perverted Perfection

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