Do You Believe?

by Q

The film starts. The entirely recognizable theme in the form of a trumpet solo is heard. After just a few more seconds, the title fades to black and a voice is heard.

"I believe in America."

As the black fades to a well dressed man with an Italian accent, we know it is Francis Ford Coppola's classic, The Godfather.

A great lesson can be learned from this opening scene. A successful Undertaker explains how he came to America, made his fortune and found paradise. That's how the Godfather sums it up. Then, enter tragedy.

The Undertaker's daughter is beaten when she resists rape by her date and some friends. The boys are later released by the court and laugh at the Undertaker.

He had played by the rules and lost. When the Godfather asks him why he had not sought the don's friendship and protection, he says that he didn't want any trouble. But now the Undertaker comes on the don's daughter's wedding day to ask for justice. He had been afraid to be in the don's debt, but now had no where else to turn.

"For justice," the Undertaker explains, "we must go to Don Corleone!"

The don retort's, "Why didn't you come to me first?"

If the Undertaker had come to the Godfather first, the don explains, "the scum...would be suffering this very day."

The Undertaker faced the bias of a court (we assume) or the need to be in debt to a criminal.

For U.S. Citzens, America has become a place with only two choices. The RIGHT or the LEFT. They fight, feud and fail. We pay. Like the Undertaker, we are presented with two options that are both equally unattractive.

Bang the drum! Bang, bang, bang. Today I tuned in one of my favorite wake up shows, Good Morning America. I believe that most of the broadcast media news and feature shows tend to lean to the LEFT so far that they all but tumble over. A few fall all the way to the RIGHT. But, I never looked at GMA like that.

Over the years I have watched many news programs bang their drums for this and that, faining objectivity while smelling of prejudice. Today another joined that crew.

I knew it was over when GMA opened on the White House. They had joined the Clinton News Network (CNN) in the project to bring Sainthood to what was left of a failed presidency.

It was time for the Million Mom March infomercial. That what GMA's show-length feature turned out to be. Sure, a few thoroughly orchestrated interviews with the other side were thrown in to make it all seem fair, but it wasn't. GMA had crossed a line that cost them their credibility.

But, it was for the children! Yes, I know. Like the millions and billions spent on more police, more punishment and all the strict crime bills passed. No guns in public housing...they are still there. Unrestricted searches of public housing...the guns remain and the innoent have lost their rights.

After all the money, laws and speeches, there are more guns, more crime, more school shootings and drug use among America's Youth may be at an historic high.

The evil republicans paid off by the NRA have failed you. For justice you must go to Don Clinton! Once again you are told there are two choices. When they are all finished, you will lose more of the few rights you have left. Schools will be no safer, crime will grow, drug use will continue to explode.

Things could change. If the Cowards of the Congress and King Clinton would stop trying to control us and do things for our own good, they might find time to sit down, listen to some experts and come up with a legitimate plan.

When one dollar of LOTTO money actually ends up in a school and students are taught things like the difference between right and wrong, that's when I expect these control freaks to get together for a good beyond their own.

Use you vote while you still have one. Choose Leaders who can really Lead.

In case you missed the three movies...


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