The Afghanistan Koran Burnings: Facts verses Fiction

by Mysterious Q

Once again followers of the 'Religion of Peace' are not acting very peaceful. Reacting to what has been characterized as an "accidental" burning of copies of the Koran kept in an Afghan Prison library, 'Islamic Protesters' as they have been described by most of the mainstream Western News Media have been on the rampage in Afghanistan. At least two Americans have been killed and others injured as Muslims seek revenge for what they believe was a horrendous sacrilege committed by members of the U.S. Forces stationed in that country. Are they justifiably angry?

Let's begin with the actions that lead to the current wave of protests and killings. Were copies of the Koran 'accidentally' burned by U.S. Forces and, if so, was this a sacrilegious act? No and no. According to statements by various military personnel on the ground in Afghanistan the copies of the Koran that were burned had already been desecrated by Muslim Inmates held at an Afghan Prison run by U.S. forces. It is forbidden to write in the pages of the Koran, but that is exactly what these Inmates did.

According to Sky News, a U.S. Official in Afghanistan stated that the Inmates used copies of the Koran and various other religious books and periodicals located in the prison library to pass messages to each other. Not only is this against the prison rules, but writing anything in a copy of the Koran flies directly in the face of Islamic Law. The only proper way to dispose of a Koran that has been desecrated in that manner is for it to be burned, buried or stored. At least that's what many Muslim Clerics claim.

As a result of the Inmate desecration of the copies of the Koran in the prison library, members of the U.S. Military originally said that the decision was made to burn them along with the other books and materials that Inmates incorrectly and illegally used to pass written messages. This was done with the greatest respect and based on research done on the proper way to dispose of a Koran that had been desecrated in that manner. However, now other military spokespeople are saying the whole thing was a mistake.

Even if the military has changed their story, there was still nothing wrong with burning copies of the Koran that had been desecrated by the Afghan Inmates. It was and remains a proper disposal method that is recommended by Muslim Clerics. The other methods of disposal such as indefinite storage or even burial would not have been appropriate due to the sensitive nature of what was written in the copies of the Koran from that prison library. Burning was a fair and reasonable choice given the circumstances. It was not the best choice as far as public relations is concerned, but it is acceptable and certainly not a reason for Muslims to riot and kill.

As a Christian, I believe that my own Holy Book teaches certain things and draws a clear line between right and wrong. I am as committed to the teachings and principles in The Bible as I am sure that Muslims are to the beliefs espoused in the Koran. For example, I believe that the Bible teaches against the practice of drinking alcoholic beverages. What should I do if I walk past a bar with a copy of The Bible in my hand, see people drinking and they happen to make some nasty comment to me about the Word of God? Do I have the right or responsibility to come back later and blow up that bar or murder the patrons inside by shooting them? Of course not.

My Bible teaches that revenge and retribution belongs to God. I do not know enough about the Koran to say what it does or does not teach, but since Muslims believe that their religion is the Religion of Peace I cannot understand how they justify the continued murder of people on God's behalf. Perhaps they believe that peace can only be achieved when everyone is Muslim and all other religions have been eradicated from the face of the Earth. If that is the case, I beg to differ.

I just wonder how long the Political Correctness Police in the main stream Western Media are going to sit back and watch Americans get killed by being bombed, shot or having their heads cut off by believers in the Religion of Peace before that say that kind of behavior is not acceptable for religious or any other reasons. It's bad enough that the people they call 'Islamic Extremists' continually murder each other in the name of their religion, but when they target Americans trying to give them a free and decent place to live, I say it's time to leave them to their own devices.

You can argue about religion and pit one set of beliefs against another until doomsday, but the moment you kill in the name of God you step over the line in a civilized world. If you want to live in a place that is intolerant of other religions, kills someone just for converting to another faith or fails to recognize the same rights for women that they do for men, go ahead and establish some Islamic Republic and leave the rest of us alone. But don't think you can export terrorism in the name of Islam and expect the rest of the world to go along with it.

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