Drug Tests For Federal Pay Checks

by Mysterious Q

It's election season and once again the USA presidential candidates and politicians running for reelection are bringing out all their most brilliant ideas and policy planks. The most recent suggestion to be added to this brain trust of little wonders is the idea that anyone receiving any sort of federally-funded benefits should be drug tested before they get the government gold. So, I have a question: Are federal paychecks, foreign aid, military aid and humanitarian assistance for other nations included in that list of benefits?

Even if we limit drug testing for federal money to everyone here at home, let's do the right thing. If we are going to give everyone in the USA that receives taxpayer money a drug test, let's be fair and include everyone from the President on down. They receive paychecks drawn on accounts funded with taxpayer money and, as far as I am concerned, what's good for the goose is good for the gander! But let's not stop there...

How about drug tests for all the people, nations and corporations that receive federal money in one form or another? What's wrong with that? If someone receiving unemployment benefits or food stamps takes some cold medicine, fails a drug test and does not get to eat or have a place to live as a result, than I think it is only fair that everyone else that receives money from the government should be punished in the same way if they fail the same test.

Excuse me for asking, but whatever happened to fairness and equality? Those terms used to mean something in the USA. Now they are only used by candidates or politicians when they feel like supporting some plank in their policy agenda designed to appeal to certain groups of voters. Well, I think it's time to take a few of their policy planks and whack the candidates, politicos, pundits and politicians in the head with them. That is the only way that I can think of knocking some sense into these people and getting them to face the same realities that all of the rest of us who don't live in Washington, D.C. Wonderland must face each and every day.

It amazes me that with gasoline costing five dollars per gallon and people having to cut back on everything including essentials like food and housing that the candidates who want our votes have the nerve to start spouting what they know to be outrageous ideas just to get a few votes from one side or the other. Instead of addressing and trying to do something about real life economic issues that mean life or death for many of their fellow Americans, they start talking about drug tests for federal benefits.

Don't get me wrong. I am anti-drug all the way. I do not use alcohol, drugs or believe that the use of weed for medicinal purposes is a good idea. I also think that we are a nation that has become far too dependent on prescription medications. People take pills for anything and everything. Doctors now prescribe so many pills that the world's largest drug companies cannot produce enough for everyone.

All that being said, I do not think it is fair in any way, shape or form to make people who receive federally funded benefits like food stamps to take drug tests unless you are willing to give those same tests to everyone else receiving federal money, including paychecks. I would love to watch the President, Senators, members of Congress and Supreme Court Judges line up to pee and sweat out getting their money the way average Americans might have to if each paycheck required a drug test. And why stop there?

Let's require drug tests for anyone and everyone who receives money from the United States Government, including those who receive foreign aid, military aid and even help in the form of items paid for with government bucks. After all, I do not believe that people waiting to get food stamps or unemployment benefits should be treated any different from people living in other nations who benefit from U.S. aid programs. In fact, I say give all the citizens of every country that receives U.S. aid drug tests and if even one fails, they don't get the money!

If the candidates and politicians are worried about giving federal funds to drug addicts, let's get down to it. Let's begin testing all the people of other nations and employees of all the companies in this world that benefit from the big spenders in Congress and the White House that have billions for them, but can't do anything about the tens of thousands of Americans who have nothing to eat tonight or are living in their cars.

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