Politics 2012: Attack Ads and Millionaire Politicians

by Mysterious Q

The stupid and lazy politicians that lounge around Washington, D.C., on the taxpayers dime simply never learn. As we approach another national election season the TV, Radio and Internet political attack ads are flowing like bail outs to big banks and corporations. Why? Because most of them cannot run on their own records. They haven't done anything except make things worse for most Americans and do not want anyone to know it.

It's bad enough to have any number of organizations running their own ads for the politicians and parties they support, but it's just torture to have to listen to how bad one idiot thinks another idiot is over and over again. Well, I'm hear to tell you that recent surveys (and my own sore eyes and ears) tell me that attack ads may have jumped the shark or, to put it in the vernacular of those under forty, people are tuning out.

If are politics are local, as Tip O'Neal (former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives) once observed, than I have proof that attack ads are not as effective as they used to be. During the last Mayoral Election in my town the incumbent won despite a massive number of attack ads levied against him by his opponent and her supporters. I mean those puppies were mean spirited, down and dirty, and they ran all day and night until everyone was ready to puke.

Most politicians will place their seal of approval on attack ads or just about anything else that will get them elected. In their eyes it's all worth it because if a candidate wins a national election, they will get to go to DC to eat, drink, be merry and ignore the folks at home once they get there. It's the best job in the whole world and, even if they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they probably will be given a pass. They might lose a committee chairperson position or something like that, but the chances of them getting kicked out or charged with a crime are almost nill.

Now I know that no one is Washington is listening or even cares, but I have an observation that may be of interest to my fellow Americans and something they might want to consider before they vote in primaries, caucuses or whatever other processes exist to choose their next congressional, senatorial or presidential candidate. It's something I have thought about a lot lately as I have heard from or about people down on their luck.

Don't you think that the person you are planning on voting for should spend as much time and effort on trying to solve the REAL problems that REAL Americans are facing as they do on throwing mud at the other potential candidates and parties or glorying in their own accomplishments? The problem is that those running for office are completely out of touch with the people they want to represent. A good example is the fact that (according to a 2011 poll taken by the Center for Responsive Politics) while only one percent of the people who live in the USA are millionaires, fifty percent of those who serve in congress are worth a million bucks or more.

I am not saying that politicians heavy with cash don't have problems or face tough financial decisions. I mean, trying to figure out what accessories they want to order on their new Escalade or how much hush money they will have to spend to keep a secret lover secret are not easy decisions to make. However, I doubt that most of the folks running for a national political office are going to have to worry about paying their utility bills, their house and car payments, or having enough food on hand for everyone in their family to eat.

I think it's time for some tough love for those who really want to be elected to any national political office. Let's see if they can go two weeks living as millions of Americans are forced to live every day of their lives. Right now I know people that are sleeping in their cars, have no heat on in their dwellings and have barely enough to eat. Let's take potential candidates and make them live under those conditions for a while without their cash, loans from friends or family members, credit cards or anything other than their wits. Let's see if they will be able to access or qualify for all the social problems they claim are out there as a 'parachute' for the poor.

Now I am not just proposing this just as some sort of a joke, I am serious (for once). I want the next candidate or incumbent to experience, first hand, the financial mess they have created and continue to foster. I want them to feel the pain and disgust of people that watch banks and big businesses get baled out to the tune of billions of tax dollars, while the average person cannot even borrow a few bucks from their bank to buy some groceries, get a decent place to stay or put the heat on so that everyone in their dwelling will not get sick from the cold.

I do not expect any politician to learn from an experience like that, because I think that being stupid and self-centered are automatic qualifications for anyone that wants to be elected to national office these days. However, I think it would give a great deal of satisfaction to voters just to know that, for a few days or a even couple of weeks, their next candidate had to spend some time living as millions in the USA are forced to everyday. This also might give any candidate that actually does care a chance to get to know the less than ideal lifestyle of the forty-nine percent of Americans that they complain about who "don't pay taxes."

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