I Can explain The 'Occupy' Movement

by Mysterious Q

I have to laugh when I watch the various news gathering organizations, political pundits and lifelong politicians try and take on or explain the 'Occupy' crowd. None of these know-it-all's get it. And that's amazing considering that this is the good old USA, a nation born out of public dissatisfaction with its previous government.

The newsies, pundits and politicos keep asking, "Why are they so angry?" and "What is their point?" Well, dummies, let me see if I can explain it to you in a way you'll understand. I will start off by channeling Thomas Jefferson (you know, that guy who wrote the Declaration of Independence). He said, "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

The politicos love silence. They try to keep everyone happy with some food stamps and extended unemployment benefits. When that doesn't work, they try to create jobs that no one ever seems to be able to apply for or even find. Companies get tax breaks and money to hire people, but they don't. Banks get money to lend to people, but they keep it. When that doesn't work they pay for counseling and more medicaid so that doctors can give out pills like candy and keep everyone smoothed out.

Local governments squander or ignore stimulus money: They hire a bunch of new Police Officers or have their current workers fix broken park benches. Instead of hiring more teachers (or helping current educators to keep their jobs), opening a few new trauma centers or helping people pay their electric or heating bills, they split the money up among businesses owned by their favorite 'fat cat' contributors (all in the name of Community Improvement).

Now, here is my take on the whole thing: People are out of work or homeless because their government is more interested in bailing out billion dollar corporations than giving folks a couple of bucks to get by on during a financial crisis that politicians helped to create. Well, a government like that gets what it paid for. Many people have no jobs, no homes and lots of time on their hands. I believe that the 'Occupy' movement is made up of people that decided to send a message to a government intent on not receiving it. Occupying places is the only way they could do send that message and get noticed.

The sad truth is that is understand the 'Occupy' folks, but I also know that they don't have even a glimmer of hope of getting big business or big government to see things their way. Even if they use their vote to express their dissatisfaction, nothing is going to change. Will a congress largely made up of millionaires who consider themselves better than the rest of us care if some kids can't get food stamps because their mom has no way of getting to the food stamp office or if some ninety year old woman who once contributed to this country now has to hope she will not freeze to death this winter because heating assistance is being cut? You know the answer and so do I.

I'm not saying that the government should try and solve everyone's problems, just the ones that they have created. They allowed our economy to spiral out of control by kissing the butts of big banks and corporations. Even after these banks and businesses screwed everyone into the ground and left hundreds of thousands of people destitute and homeless, good old Uncle Sam couldn't wait to line their pockets with lotsa cash.

If the news media, political pundits and politicos think things are bad now when it comes to the growth of the 'Occupy' movement, just wait and see what comes next. Homeless and hungry people get very desperate very fast and none of them are in the mood for election year promises they know will never be kept. That ship has sailed.

People talk about programs to help the poor. How about a problem to help the absolutely desperate and ready to give up? I would say that describes a whole bunch of people in this "world's richest nation" right now. If they want to see change, give every citizen with a low or non-existent income a one-time lump sum of just a few thousand dollars and see how things change.

Don't make it some weirded-out tax break or silly grant that no one can seems to qualify for, make it the real deal. Cash money that, even if it's just a couple of thousand dollars per family, could change lives. People would be able to catch up on their rent, get a cheap car so they can job hunt in a wider area, keep from being thrown out in the street or stay alive another year without having to beg for help from friends, family or community charities. All this would bring new hope, but good luck getting anyone in Washington, D.C. to care enough to even try it.

I'm sure some of you are thinking that another government give-away is a really bad idea. Well, don't worry about it. Politicians are too selfish and self-centered to ever even consider it. They would rather social engineer our nation's way out of poverty by giving money to companies they favor and that, ultimately, will help line their own pockets with campaign cash. There is just nothing in it for them to help their fellow Americans who are down on their luck.

Considering all the occupy movements out there, it might be time for the D.C. crowd to consider the fact that our nation was founded on Revolution. And with all the people that are getting more desperate by the day, we might not be that far from a new Revolution. If anarchy breaks out, you and I can fairly and justly affix the blame at the doors of the White House and Congress. It's time for the newsies, pundits and politicians to GET the 'Occupy' movement before they GET you.

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