Land of Make Believe: How Washington Politicians Are Ruining America

by Q

Thanks to the right and left mass media, people actually believe we’re a nation where Democrats and Republicans continually battle for votes and power. They want us to believe that our every freedom hangs on the next congressional vote or presidential veto. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The die is cast and we have all been sold out by a corrupt culture of professional bureaucrats.

In the late 1970s I sat in stunned silence listening to Francis Schaffer. He made a very persuasive argument that America had moved too far from what the Founders had envisioned to return there. He gave example after powerful example that brought any listener to the horrifyingly simple conclusion that America was doomed as a Democracy. People had willingly turned over power to a group of self-centered, self-absorbed politicians and loss of all true freedom in America was the price to be paid for that terrible error.

There is no easy way to describe Francis Schaffer. He was a Presbyterian Minister, Philosopher and Conservative Christian of sorts. Although his looked like a coffee house poet from the early 1960s, he was firm in his Biblical convictions and political leanings. Hardly a rubber stamp spokesperson for any particular political group, religious or philosophical persuasion, Francis carefully considered every argument. When he arrived at a conclusion, it was because he had examined every possible outcome of any particular question. That made him an intellectual force to be reckoned with.

I did not want to believe that we had reached a point in America where people could no longer rein in the government. Ronald Reagan seemed destined to be voted in as President and there was a new spirit of hope in our Country. However, looking back, it was false hope. While President Reagan was able to end Communism as a dangerous threat to the lives of Americans and restored economic order within our borders, he lacked the power to change the culture of corruption in Washington, D.C.

Francis Schaffer seemed to be an extraordinarily honest man who held back nothing when he spoke. However, it was easy to see that he was very uncomfortable with the topic. He seemed to know or suspect more then he shared. With the renewed hope and optimism that a Reagan candidacy and ultimate presidential victory brought to most Americans, it must have been hard to be the primary intellectual dissenter on the conservative side. Despite those who dismissed people like Schaffer as a pessimist, he had a valid argument that has stood the test of time.

Truth and factual honesty without any spin has always the best way to examine the success of any idea or philosophy. Given that, let’s consider what Republicans have done with the power people have given them through their votes. Just like the Democrats, they have continued to restrict the ability of the American People to govern and care for themselves. Just like the Democrats they have used various excuses to restrict commerce, limit freedoms and allow political corruption to go unpunished within their own party and others. Just like the Democrats, they have been ineffectual in dealing with the illicit drug trade, illegal immigrants and federal court decisions that continue to ignore the religious and personal rights of people.

As with any group that has held power in Washington, D.C., for the past one hundred years, they continually find evildoers to justify the removal of personal freedoms. Instead, we’re encouraged to respect the rights of those trying to kill us while our rights evaporate in a climate of political correctness. Republicans and Democrats, alike, show no interest in reforming a political system that encourages corruption and ignores the guilt of those sloppy enough to get caught participating in something that everyone else is doing.

The days of wide-eyed patriots arriving in Washington to make changes, restore honesty and respect the rights of average Americans have simply passed into history. There can be no more Mister Smiths who take on corrupt political machines, because the entire system has been corrupted beyond repair. Those who do come with honest ideals and a desire to make changes are conveniently silenced or ignored until they join up or give up. Those who fight end up facing trumped up charges and the scorn of a mass media machine bent on keeping alive the corrupt system that feeds it.

Washington, D.C., has become the Land of Make Believe. Politicians play roles carefully scripted by higher powers that have no intention of allowing the American People to decide heir own fates. While people chant patriotic slogans, they have no idea they are cheering on the demise of every right imagined for them by the Founders of the United States of America. No only are they allowing a corrupt political machine to hang them, but they’re helping to build the scaffolds.

If there is a solution to this problem, it lies within the spirit of liberty that helped found this nation. People can no longer vote, sit back and merely trust politicians to act in their best interest. Politicians and Courts have to be called on the carpet for decisions that restrict personal freedoms and encourage the idea that the Constitution is merely a list of basic ideals that can be toyed with on the whim of any elected or appointed government official.

I can only hope that Francis Schaffer envisioned an America where Americans lost all their freedoms because they failed to act. I can only hope that he believed most of us lacked the force of will to take on entrenched political forces. I can only hope that, although he didn’t say it, Francis might have reconsidered his vision of freedoms lost if he knew people would wake up and take on the Land of Make Believe.


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