Martha: Be A Good Girl and Act Your Age!

by Q

After almost a year of digging the dirt on the decoration diva, the Securities and Exchange Commission lowered the boom on Martha Stewart with criminal charges and a civil case. What amazes me is how the news media has jumped on their bandwagon, with shovels in hand, ready to bury good ole Martha. Meanwhile, they’re busy making a hero out of a guy who had to cut off his own arm to survive because he was fool enough to go mountain climbing by himself! They use words like “inspirational” and “heroic” to describe 27 year old Aron Ralston, but call sixty-two year old Martha Stewart the “goddess of greed.” Could this be yet another case of the news media trying a little social engineering?

In terms of what the government’s doing, the message that most intelligent people are getting from Martha Stewart’s legal problems is, “Tell the FBI and the SEC what they want to hear or go to jail!” And they haven’t been shy about it. Government lawyers and spokespeople have been busy doing interview after interview saying things like, “We didn’t get the answers we wanted” and “Martha Stewart didn’t confirm what we believe to be true.” Well get out the crying towel, guys, and excuse her if she didn’t want to help you dump her in jail! Then they went and told her partner in the alleged stock fraud situation that he would never trade stocks again and would likely go to jail if he didn’t cooperate. It was no surprise that he did. But it all goes deeper then that.

Martha was once a stock broker herself. Anyone who has been a stock broker knows that the SEC is more then just a Big Brother agency, it’s a ’do as they please’ potentate that has absolute power over everything in the world of trading. But it’s also a mostly male, good ole boys network of Ivy League brats. I don’t imagine they liked being told NO by a sixty-something female who has managed to crawl her way out of poverty in Nutley, New Jersey and become a self-made woman worth billions! Most of them are where there are because they lacked the talent to become successful brokers. The FBI is no better.

After combing the woods of North Carolina for years and spending millions of dollars to find Atlantic Park bombing suspect Eric Rudolf with no success, a sharp off-duty police officer gets the guy and they take the credit for it. Add to that the fact that we still see no sign of several terrorists they claim are roaming the USA, but can’t seem to find, and you have a scenario that opens the door for getting some positive publicity any way they can. So along comes Martha. Although a decorative hero to millions of America women, she probably made an easy target because Martha wanted things her way. It’s alright when male CEO’s bilk corporate treasuries of billions of dollars or use ’just this side of legal’ methods to destroy companies that employ thousands of people, but those darn women CEOs had better know their place!

I doubt that the SEC or FBI boys gave much thought to the millions of people who have benefited from Martha’s wealth while swapping tennis conquest stories at Francis Tavern or discussing how many miles they can run or weight they can press at 21. Martha’s company has a direct influence on the income of millions of people. Those who sell her books, buy ads in her magazine to sell their own products, people who can remain at their jobs because their store sells her merchandise and makes money. Does this make her greedy? Maybe the media and the government believe that Americans are schismatic enough to join the GET MARTHA club because she’s older, white and a woman? If she were some wealthy man who dressed the way they expected, had five or ten ex-wives and a couple of girlfriends who were models, you can bet they would have would have been no charges in this case.

What message is the government and media really sending to America? The government is telling you that it’s O.K. to be rich, but not alright to be a self-made woman who doesn’t fit the Betty Crocker image. The media is telling us that greed is good if you’re a minority female or self made man, but older white women with an attitude had better watch out! Is that the message we want delivered to our kids? The real message that Americans should be receiving from the Martha Stewart case is WATCH OUT! If they can do it to her, imagine what they can do to you.


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