A Texas-Sized Problem

by Q

On Wednesday, January 15, 2003, most Americans were horrified to learn that over 30 vials of deadly bubonic plague had been found missing from a Lubbock, Texas, University Laboratory. Although law enforcement officials were quick to respond and claim they have found all the missing vials, this incident again brought to light the serious lack of security measures present at facilities allowed to keep samples of dangerous and deadly biological materials that can easily be weaponized in a home lab and used to kill millions of Americans.

The United States and other large nations suffer from a common problem when it comes to higher education. Their universities tend to teach students ideals and principles based on a perfect world. Many also apply these ideals and principles to actual community conditions on campus. The result is that national security and public safety have been endangered in the real world by institutions that live in a Utopian bubble.

During World War II, many Scientists were recruited from the ranks of American Universities and those of our Allies to develop and build an Atomic Bomb. FBI Agents assigned to protect the secrets of that program were often horrified by scientists who continually contacted colleagues in and out of the project for help or advice. While that type of cooperation was and still is common in the scientific community, itís also an easy way for secrets to leak out. In the end, many historians now agree that while the American people were kept ignorant about the Manhattan Project during its development, Stalin and Hitler probably knew most everything about it from Day One. After a number of spies had been exposed and it was revealed that Russia was given detailed plans for Americaís atomic and nuclear bombs, the U.S. Congress went back and took a look at where security failed. In almost every case, the problem began with university scientists who felt that sharing information based on the belief in some philosophical dogma was a higher calling then Patriotism. Needless to say, most Universities provided the type of environment that not only propagated that type of thinking, but rewarded it.

Political Correctness has become the philosophical dogma prevalent on many University Campuses in the Western World today. This dogma, like it predecessors, snubs itís nose at national security and public safety in favor of the Utopian view of tolerance of diversity. To the average American, tolerance of diversity is easy to define. We choose to accept our neighbors and never discriminate against anyone based on race, sexual orientation, religion or national origin. The average American can differentiate between people who attend services at a Mosque and Muslin Fundamentalist Terrorists bent on mass killings and the de-humanization of women. But tolerance on a University level is an entirely difference matter.

Would it shock you to find out that non-student, foreign nationals from nations at odds with America are regularly found on and even invited to University Campuses without restriction? Most could easily wonder into areas where dangerous biological materials are kept and help themselves to the makings of terrorist weapons. We can even find good examples of this on a local level. Less than a year prior to the September 11th attacks, a group of Chinese Students regularly attended classes at Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ. They were bussed to the school each day and escorted to class by Chinese Security Agents, who would actually stand outside the classroom to make sure contact with the general student body was impossible. While I doubt that MCC was then or is now keeping any dangerous biologicals around, Chinese Agents, students and visitors would likely have had easy access to them if they were.

Whether aid to foreign nationals or religious extremists is intentional or accidental, it still undermines national safety and security. Any environment that allows for this type of a situation, even in the name of toleration or scholarly pursuit, cannot and should not be tolerated! The missing vials of plague in Lubbock should awaken the public and those in charge of protecting us to a Texas-sized problem that will require some hard decisions to solve.

Itís very easy to darn an anti-war t-shirt and preach the gospel of a peaceful, one world village. But not all the villagers are friendly, or even sane! Itís time to stop living the life imagined in the head of people brainwashed by the culture of education and start living in the real world, a dangerous world where not everyone is as tolerant as university professors.


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