Another Easter Ruined!

by Q

It's really amazing! If I think back and remember Bill Clinton for anything, it won't be Monica, the cigar or even the whole impeachment circus. It will be that he ruined most every major holiday that passed during his Administration.

When something like the Elian situation happens, everyone reacts in their own way. While I did the man thing of getting mad at a President who continually speaks of the welfare of children only to bomb and kidnap them at gun point for his own political agenda, my wife boiled it down to a woman and mom thing.

As our children got up this Easter 2000 morning and started digging through their Easter Baskets for the chocolate bunnies and stuffed toys, my wife and I sat down and turned on the idiot box.

We should have been in Church, but our family just got over a series of severe colds and flu that passed among our children and ourselves. We were just too worn out. So, instead we sought an inspirational moment or two from the endless string of religious television programs that come before the political shows.

Instead of the Pope, Jerry FarAway or Sister ComedyClub, we were suddenly attacked by a flurry of reporters and instant experts, all anxious to throw their two cents worth into the Elian ring. Channel surfing was fruitless.

My wife said, "I can't believe it. Clinton and Reno did it again. They ruined our Easter!" It seemed like an odd revelation to me, but that's the kind of thinking that defines the difference between men and women. It was a simple observation, yet it spoke volumes.

Neither of us have much use for Politicians, so my wife's statement was not motivated by a preference for another person or party. I probably felt the same way my wife did, but I would have never verbalized it that way.

My wife thundered on, "Waco, Oklahoma City, wars and mini-wars...Clinton and Reno always do something stupid that causes someone else who is stupid to do something else stupid and we all have to pay for it by having our holidays ruined!"

It wasn't that she was hard hearted. We both wept over the Oklahoma City Memorial dedication ceremonies as much as we did watching the Press Conference held by the Miami relatives of Elian and Senator Bob Smith. But, she did have a point. We have seven children and had spent the bulk of the past two days preparing for Easter while still dealing with the effects of colds and flu. But, Clinton had ruined previous holidays like Christmas of 1998 with the Monica thing Impeachment and others with various military police actions that always proved disasterous.

I had a far more simple observation. The same mistake was made in Miami that was made at Ruby Ridge and Waco, but (thankfully) with far less horrifying results. At no time did a couple of well dressed federal agents appear at the door, knock gently and simply ask for what they wanted. Instead, they sent in the troops! I always thought that was what you did as a last resort.

Though I am a mere citizen lacking the intellect that is automatically bestowed upon press and politician, I might have picked two female, spanish-speaking immigration agents and had them respectfully and at a decent hour, go to the Miami relatives door and ask for the boy. But that's me!

Had they been turned away, then further action would have seemed appropriate. Though I cannot seem to reconcile the use of storm troopers in this case no matter what.

Although it was obviously one-sided and terribly over emotional, I did admire Senator Smith's willingness to help with the press conference, actually care about what happened and try to help these people. For almost a split second, I had regained some respect for bottom feeder politicians. But then I noticed that Bush, Gore and most of the Cowards of the Congress were no where to be found on Saturday or Sunday.

I think the defining moment of Senator Smith's statement during the press conference was when he said that he was ashamed to be a Republican and an American. Finally, I thought, at least one bottom feeder has seen the light!

But, don't expect anything more. The press conference participants had barely finished speaking when the media began putting their spin on what one CNN reporter called essentially a dragged out, dis-jointed and over emotional event.

The worst of the Right came from Brett Hume on Fox News who defended Bush and the Republican Leadership. While condemning the Raid in a couple of cheap sentences, most Republicans who count couldn't seem to take the time to come and support the Miami relatives. The worst of the Left came from CNN's Miami Bureau Chief, John Zarella. He gave a thinly-veiled rambling commentary on the need for the Raid on the relatives home and how poor Clinton and Reno had agonized over the decision. Pleeeaaassseeeeeez!

Reno's agony was apparently short lived as she later attended the White House Easter Egg Hunt smiling and signing autographs. One wonders what mindless simps would want her signature on anything but a resignation?

The biggest loser of all was Al Gore who held a brief press event (the first in two months) about Earth Day, then refused questions about Elian. This was right up there with the time when his wife went to Capital Hill to testify on how Rock music was ruining America's Youth. Funny, I thought it was phony politicians that were ruining America's Youth!

Then there was Clinton's five second, stone-faced Elian comments. I loved the way he turned his back on Reporters trying to ask questions. But, hey, what has he got to gain or lose.

The thing that really bothered me was watching Janet Reno's self-serving monotone "like it or not" Elian speech and hearing that constant "thumping" of her hand on the lecturn. THUMP...THUMP...THUMP, THUMP THUMP THUMP! Someone, please get her a mousepad or pillow! (Yes, it was a heartless observation, but not as heartless as the storm trooper raid on the Miami relatives home).

All I can say is Viva Castro! After all, he was the only winner.


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