The Monsters We Have Made

by Q

While most people in the U.S. Intelligence community are busy slapping each other on the back over the arrest of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, we should be slapping the faces of some college and university professors! Khalid Mohammed was once a student in the United States. He attended at least two schools under his own name, those being Chowan College and the Agricultural and Technical State University, both in North Carolina. Like many Arab students attending USA schools, he found sympathy and support for the case against Israeli and USA cooperation in the Middle East that some believe have resulted in the unfair treatment of Arabs and Muslims worldwide. But was that sympathy and support more then just skin deep? In fact, it may have been a warning sign that many have chosen to ignore and that may come back to haunt us for a long time to come.

For at least the past seventy years, many centers of higher learning in the United States have given themselves over to teaching Socialism as a societal archetype. Most adapted this theme based on European acceptance of the utopian promises made by writers like Karl Marx. Many consider Socialism to be Communismís polite twin and hide their teaching of socialistic doctrines under the themes of social change or practical humanism. After all, it sounds so good on paper. Everyone equal, everyone working, everyone benefiting. The problem is that in order to believe in these higher ideals, one has to throw out everything we know about history and economics.

When it started to become painfully obvious to many that Communism was a failure and pure socialism just wasnít working most anywhere in the world, schools starting teaching the idea of what some have labeled as progressive socialism. Thatís a polite way of saying that capitalism should be exploited, rather then done away with, as a means of supporting socialism wherever it can be installed. Examples of this would be state-owned or operated entities like the national heath care systems created by Canada and some other nations; and Americaís Amtrak. But these models have failed miserably. True Believers argue that China is a great example of the marriage between Socialism and Capitalism. But capitalism in China has caused the nation to fall in love with all things American and move further away from socialism. Even many state-owned businesses are now run on a capitalistic economic model. After all, slave labor slows production and produces a poor product that canít compete globally.

If socialism is the child of communism, then political correctness is the offspring of socialism. Dedicated believers still hope to create some sort of societal change in the direction of socialism and political correctness is just one small tool they have used to that end. But, as the old saying goes, where would God be in our hearts without the devil? Many Educators have demonized all that is constitutional and democratic about our system of government and painted the United States as the worldís big bully.

Is it any wonder that thugs and terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed find a sympathetic ear and easy pickins at American Universities? More the a few Professors teach their students that the stars and stripes are merely a symbol of oppression throughout most of the world. They elevate people like Castro, Chairman Mao and Lenin to hero status, while painting the framers of our Constitution as bigots, slave traders and religious fanatics. If Khalid Mohammed didnít hate the USA enough when he started school, Iím sure that our esteemed Educators finished the job before he left their classrooms for the last time. And he wasnít the only terrorist connected to the 9/11 attacks that was a student in the USA.

God, democracy, individual rights and Judeo-Christian values are the enemy. They are the great Satan that promises to swallow the poor of the world and crush intellectual thought. This is a common theme that we see everyday on television news broadcasts. Dan Rather of CBS News sits down in a notably cowering position while interviewing Saddam Hussein. Does he ask any pointed questions? No. Does he point to erroneous claims and untrue statements that Saddam has made and seek clarification? No. Saddam isnít evil, just misunderstood.

While the French pander to their growing Muslin population and Saudi investments totaling billions of dollars, we are told by them that America is behind the times. ABC News featured an interview with the French Ambassador to the U.N. conducted by George Steffenapolis. According to the Ambassador, we are not in touch with the world view or the opinion of the Iraqi people. Did he mean the over one million Iraqi men, women and children killed by Saddam during his reign of terror, or the ones still languishing daily in torture chambers and squalid Iraqi political prisons? Probably not. They no longer have a voice to express any opinions. And as to the world view, it was a common joke in the fifties and sixties that whenever Charles DeGaulle would leave his country, the press would say he was ďleaving for a worldwide tour of France.Ē

In the 1980ís a British Spymaster named Peter Wright wrote a book called Spy Catcher - The Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer. Wright was the former Assistant Director of Britainís MI5. He documented the terrible damage done to British and other western Intelligence Services by Englandís famous Soviet Spies. Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, Anthony Blunt and Kim Philby were all on the inside of Britainís Intelligence Services at one time or another from World War II right up through a good portion of the Cold War. They were recruited at Cambridge University, which was a hothouse of Communist Cells and thought groups in the 1930s. All were heavily influenced by Educators to believe that Communism and Socialism were the only systems that would survive the 20th Century. Students were taught to believe that what we thought to be democracy was a doomed system and great oppressor of workers worldwide, friend only to the rich and powerful.

The Cambridge Spies did not come from the downtrodden masses or ranks of the oppressed workers, but rather from well to do or influential British families. Many of the Islamic Terrorists currently being sought or already captured, also come from wealthy families or parents with influential backgrounds. If Osama Bin Laden were not a terrorist, he might be one of the worldís wealthiest men, coming from a rich and influential family in Saudi Arabia. It was during his days at King Abdul Aziz University in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, that Bin Laden became interested in the politics of Islam. Another young and impressionable mind filled with hate for a people and way of life that he barely knew based the dogma of over-zealous educators. It seems they have found fellow travelers in many of our colleges and universities. Self-hating Americans hide behind the title of Professor or Doctor and teach young and impressionable minds to hate the very system that allows them to freely learn and express their own ideas and beliefs. These Educators have every right to believe as they will, but is this what the system of higher education has become? Is it now a recruiting ground for terrorists and zealots bent on the murder of their fellow Americans? The 9/11 Terrorists are monsters that we helped to make. Perhaps itís time to ask ourselves how we can avoid making any more?

Despite the inability of Educators to learn a lesson from history, we certainly should. Socialism has been and will always be a failure. Dictators bent on domination of all they survey, will always oppose and destroy rather then build and empower. And Terrorists, whether they be Islamic, Communist, Socialist or Cultist, will always fall in the end to civilized societies where the love of freedom is stronger than any oppressive dogma or doctrine. But these lessons are, apparently, not ones likely to be taught in most American Classrooms.


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