Self-Hating Americans Strike Again!

by Q

Why should it surprise me? A recent survey says that people around the world dislike, disapprove of or just plain hate Americans! Thatís what I have heard blasted all over the news this past week. And Iím O.K. with that. After all, none of us are perfect. In fact, weíre downright annoying sometimes.

Canadians seem to feel that weíre morally inferior. But thatís probably because our former President was getting his tires rotated in the White House by someone other then his wife. Well, at least our politicians cheat honestly! Canadians come from the English and European tradition that says married men can have women on the side with little or no ridicule, and even an entire spare family if they like. Itís just not discussed. If they get caught nobody cares. I mean, itís not like Tony Soprano who gets booted out of the house because he had one too many badas joy riding his bing!

The English feel like weíre dragging them into war. But they didnít mind when we took care of that pesky little Hitler problem they had not so long ago. And what about the Queen? During the 1950s and 1960s she made more trips to the USA then Jackie Gleason did to the refrigerator, and it was always to ask for loans and money. She didnít need an American Express card to get cash advances, she had the U.S. Congress.

The Germans and French hate us for our culture. In fact, many of them feel that weíre infecting theirs with our entertainment. Yea, I can see by watching those French and German subtitled films that weíre missing out on a lot! I mean, who wants to see Hannibal Lector eat people on screen when you can watch Frau Hammerstein pick daisies or Madame LaGuerre smoke too much? If they hate our culture and think us so inferior, why do I see all those French, German, Canadian and English people at Disney World, Universal Studios and The Alamo? Every time I vacation at popular USA destinations, the foreigners out-number the American tourists.

Hereís a personal observation. I guess that being superior means being rude. When I visited Ottawa (the Canadian Capital), I encountered more then my share of rude people. My family and I would actually be pushed out the way in restaurants and department stores by French-speaking Canadians who apparently hate English-speaking people. When I stopped a couple to ask for directions in downtown Ottawa, they told me (in English) that they choose not to speak English and walked away. I guess I was being an annoying American?

It seems that a lot of people from India donít like us. But they are probably too busy buying hotels in America so they can make a bunch of money and send it back home to give the matter much thought. Anyway, who careís what they think. They eat with their hands. Yuck!

Despite our political differences and the occasional international incident, the Chinese are one of the few groups of people that seem to actually like Americans. They treat American tourists very well and enjoy sharing and exchanging cultures with us. And they get it! We buy just about every TV and VCR they make, fill the theaters for Jackie Chan films, donít care if the stuff we buy is made with slave labor and ignore their human rights abuses. In return, they donít hate us and arenít always trying to kill us. So whatís wrong with the Arabs? Are they just dumb? I mean, we buy all that oil and leave them alone to mistreat, beat and kill their women, but they still want us all dead.

I can live with all the foreigners that hate us because I really donít care. What I canít live with are self-hating Americans! Listening to the radio the other day gave me a taste of what these low lifeís are really about. Charles Goyette, a KFYI Radio Personality, was talking about how foreigners feel about Americans on his December 9, 2002 show. He seemed to feel that they were justified in their negative opinions of Americans and that members of the U.S. Military were largely to blame.

Over and over again, Goyette pointed out that U.S. Soldiers serving in South Korea had been banned from local restaurants and businesses in Seoul because they had bad manners. He told his listeners that the Koreans were tired of Americans, hated us and used recent anti-American demonstrations in Seoul to make his point. What he didnít tell them was that the demonstrations were by Marxist Rebels, sponsored by the North, and that the only businesses banning Americans were those owned by Marxists or others who feared being fire-bombed if they served U.S. Soldiers during the ruckus. These were not average Koreans. If Koreans hate us, why have so many come here? Half of the Queens part of New York City seems to be made up of Korean immigrants.

But donít try to win an argument with self-hating Americans like Goyette. Some people just donít get it. He doesnít see anything wrong with trashing members of the U.S. Military just days after the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. And at a time when 8000 of our fellow citizens just sailed into harmís way on Navy Ships, Goyette tells us that the men and women of our military are not good ambassadors or representatives of America. Iím sure that some in the Military behave badly while abroad. But if the North attacked, I doubt any South Koreans would complain if an American Soldier happen to bump into them in the street while rushing to his or her battle station! I guess the Canadians are right. Some of us are morally inferior.


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