Who Wants To Be A Flunkie?

by Q

Thomas Jefferson has said, "I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

It's pretty obvious to everyone what the United States political system is about. Our forefathers, though they often disagreed how it should be accomplished, decided that the USA would be a nation of free people with an eternal responsibility to stay free.

Why, then, do those who seek to enslave the minds and hearts of people continually run for office and attempt to change our system of government? The USA is what it is.

The king of modern socialism, Bill Clinton, takes every opportunity to normalize relations with nations that enslave, abuse and force socialism down the throats of their people. Cuba, China and Vietnam seem to be his favorites.

This is hardly new thought, but old and outdated Socialism at it's worst. In the early part of the 20th Century it was common and even stylish for the priviledged in many Western Nations to look at Communism and Socialism as the utopian answer to solving the problems of equality, poverty and economic security. These people obviously failed Economics and History 101.

Still, it's very easy to sit in a classroom and imagine a great Utopia where all are equal and everything is right with the world. The problem is that people, being as inperfect as they are, will always seek to oppress given the perfect opportunity that systems like socialism and communism offer.

On the other hand, we have the new Super Conservatives who see capitalism as a system that should allow business to operate with little or no restrictions no matter what happens to those who exist below the Boardroom level.

I am sorry to report that most of today's so-called Conservatives and Capitalists do not have the conscience or the common sense to understand what the founding fathers knew.

I hear conservative radio commentators say things like, "Why should we pay for some people to take the short bus to school. Let 'em ride with everyone else." I watch conservatives applaud local officials who torture the incarcerated by placing them in tents in 110 degree heat and 40 degree cold feeding them starvation diets or stuff them in small cells with no windows like chickens waiting for the slaughter.

Note that in most cases the guilty and those not yet convicted are, likewise, treated to such conditions and even charged a daily rate for their incarceration and forced to make collect only phone calls. Imagine yourself, a close friend or family member arrested accidently, yet exposed to those conditions?

Many in Congress have noticed that certain counties in several states have started arresting people whenever possible because they make a massive amount of money from these incarcerations in profits from collect phone calls and daily incarceration and food fees! Few arrested accidently take the time or effort to sue.

Then we are told that conservative champions like George Bush (Jr) are saviors and heros to conservatives and patriots. Yet at almost every major intersection in almost every Texas city we see families with signs that say, "Will work for food." But then under the new conservatism the homeless have become a joke. After all, they're homeless because they are mental patients, drug abusers and criminals, right?

Many are homeless because they missed a few loan or credit card payments and now have negative information on their credit reports! Many conservatives have helped to make Credit Bureaus the captains of our souls. Visit Citizens Against Credit Discrimination if you doubt.

Texas was recently listed as a place with poor conditions, educational facilities and services for families and children. So was Bill Clinton's home state and Al Gore's for that matter. If seems that modern liberals and conservatives have more in common then we thought!

Our Founding Fathers looked at public service as a natural part of enjoying the fruits of liberty. Most never used their positions as a bully pulpit for radical change and most served with a deep and abiding respect for humanity. We could learn a few things from them!

If you are tired of being a flunkie for demogogs and power seekers, use your vote while you still have one and put people first.


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