Missing in Washington: Integrity

by Q

While a nation looks for a missing former Intern (Chandra Levy) romantically linked to a U.S. Congressman (Condit), what they should really be looking for is any kind of integrity that might be left in those supposedly representing its People. It was no surprise to find yet another elected sleezeball plowing fields other then his own, but I was shocked at how the media and the other Cowards of the Congress refused to find fault in Conditís lie. But, was it a lie? After all, ever since Clintonian logic invaded Washington, DC, in the 90s, no one is really sure what is right, wrong or even criminal.

Government Officials have, once again, provided us with an object lesson in new American Justice. While people lanquish in jails and prisons for everything from too many parking tickets to killing animals, a U.S. Congressman who should be (at the least) a major suspect in the Levy disappearance, walks freely and continues his duties. Police and prosecutors ignore the fact that he has lied to them about his relationship with Levy with no planned recompense. If that were the average American, they would be in jail with the press screaming their guilt!

Itís become obvious to me that the people we send to Washington are only concerned with having fun, abusing their Office and going to parties while the rest of the nation suffers from a lack of affordable healthcare, starving children, an energy crisis and an economy on the edge. Money brokers plan every move that the White House makes. Military decisions made long ago are still being paid for by forgotten veterans who continue to suffer while money and services to help them vanish in lieu of Corporate Welfare.

Never has the failure of what amounts to a two party political monopoly become more obvious. Politicians do whatever they like because they know we are powerless to stop them. If you think differently, just try! Your vote is only as good as the person you are allowed to vote for. The political bosses of the Republicans and Democrats have taken care of that. Even the so called ĎIndependentí politicians are only as good as their alignment with the two major parties. Oncde in Washington, they must align or face voting and political obscurity. The press will never see them for fear of offending sources in the two ruling parties.

Use your vote while you still have one. Itís a lie to believe that without the two major parties nothing will ever get done. Never gets done now, except what THEY want done!


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