The Dragon Bites!

by Q

The full extent of the betrayal of the American People by American Politicians became painfully obvious this week as the Red Chinese Government caused the downing of a U.S. Military surveillance aircraft and then took the twenty crew members aboard hostage. This is just one in a series of recent shows of strength by the Communist Chinese. The arrest of an American Professor and her family while on a trip to Mainland China and a series of carefully orchestrated religious persecutions have outraged the free Chinese community living in the USA. No one can doubt that the victims of these events are the casualties of the Cowards of the Congress and their cohorts in the White House, past and present.

It wasn’t surprising to watch the propaganda experts in the media turn things around to the Red Chinese way of thinking. Of course the American Professor was arrested. After all, she had written some academic papers about the relationship between Taiwan and Mainland China. Oooh, that certainly makes her deserving of a long prison term! But if that were true, I can think of a whole group of American Journalists that need to be strapped in the electric chair immediately. And the religious persecution? Well, we just can’t allow religious cults and fanatics to run things, can we? Why we ought to follow the Red Chinese example here by running right out and locking up every Latter Day Saint, Seventh Day Adventist and Amish we can find! I mean those Mormons all have like thirty wives that they beat every day, right? And the Seventh Day Adventists, who are they to worship on Saturday when most Christians worship on Sunday? And I, personally, am just sickened by the sight of those Amish people rolling around in those antique, horse drawn carts. They are costing American Workers their jobs by not buying cars! Lock ‘em all up and throw away the keys, I say.

The American Media coverage of the Military Aircraft incident was a case study in why we all sit here today with a group of Law Makers in Washington bent on turning our Democracy into a Socialist State with them in charge. According to the media, the aircraft wasn’t a surveillance aircraft; it was a “spy plane“. The crewmembers were not hostages or even detainees, but rather “guests of the Chinese“. The aircraft wasn’t flying in International Airspace, but it was “operating off the coast of China.” The ABC Evening News gets my attention more then the others because they portrayed the incident as the fault of the American aircraft. Sure, a slow, lumbering, unarmed prop plane managed to crash into the super maneuverable Red Chinese Mig (on purpose!).

Barely a mention was made of the granting by the Cowards of the Congress of Most Favored Nation trading status to China except to say how that decision was right. Right for whom? Reporters were almost silent about former President Clinton’s obsession with technology transfers to China in return for bucks. Equally absent was any condemnation by the Press of those free access tours given to Chinese Generals. Red Chinese Military Leaders were given tours of some of American’s most sensitive Military Bases not long ago.

Stupidity is not a crime in the USA. But if it results in the weakening of a nation, it should be! I would like to believe that the idiots who run things in Washington are just stupid, but I know better. They are not stupid, just greedy and power hungry. They wanted those Chinese dollars fueled by what people were calling a “newly established, Capitalist style economy” in Red China. The current crop of fools that inhabit the hallowed halls of American Government built and paid for by the blood of average Americans now believe that we are all too dumb to govern ourselves. We simply do not understand politics. Thank God not! And what has all this “capitalism” done for China?

Are the citizens of Red China enjoying more freedoms today because of trade agreements and economic reforms of the last several years, as our beloved Leaders have predicted? Are the Red Chinese on the road to a “more democratic form of government” as the press has promised would be the obvious result of Clinton‘s technology transfers and diplomatic efforts? No! The problem is that the Chinese never had any intention of using the money made from slender experiments with capitalism to better the lives of their own people or grant them more freedoms. Instead, and typical of true Communists, they used the money to expand their global influence as Communists, further repress their people, limit religious freedoms and build their armed forces up. They have also developed new weapons and embarked on a full-scale military buildup in a way that has shocked and horrified western military analysts.

Chinese companies now occupy key positions in the operation of the Panama Canal and how tried to secure contracts for high technology weapons sales to many third world nations. Few people know or care that one stipulation of some of these sales is that Chinese technicians must care for and operate the weapons. For all intents and purposes, that gives the Red Chinese carte blanche to own and operate weapons systems outside of China and throughout the world. Red China now has a two to one advantage over the U.S. when it comes to ICBMs (that’s Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles for the uninformed).

It was interesting to note that while all the press about the Chinese capture of our Military Aircraft was burning up the airwaves, a large group of Chinese people were found in a cargo crate as their ship docked in California. Hmm. Why is it that we are not finding large groups of Americans in shipping crates headed for China? I mean, many Americans have fallen on hard times. In states like Arizona, Texas, Arkansas and Florida they play Musical Poor by denying needy families medical services and food stamps as often as possible. A recent national survey found that poor families receive fewer services and help in these States then any others. They do this hoping that the poor will go elsewhere to starve. But even with this fact in mind, the poorest of Americans are probably better off then most Chinese.

All right, now it’s time to conclude things with a brief history lesson for the over-fed lawyers and philosophical demagogues that run things in Washington, D.C. Remember a guy named Jimmy Carter? Yea, the Peanut farmer from Georgia. But he was also the President of the U.S. back in the late 1970s. Carter was convinced that the Soviet Union was sincere when they talked about “reducing the threat of nuclear war” and about Detent. After all, the only intelligent thing to do for two nations locked in a nuclear stalemate and trying to stare each other down is to try and stop the madness. The “madness” being the military buildup, which everyone was told by the press, would lead to Thermonuclear War. So Carter went and signed a weapons reduction treaty with then Soviet Leader, Leonid Breshnev. Just a few weeks later the Russians invaded Afghanistan. Here endeth the lesson. If you don’t see the correlation between that deal and the current situation involving the USA and China, go have another bag of chips, grab a brew and finish watching the game. Or, better yet, run for Congress!

I suggest you use your vote while you still have one or before the ballots are printed in Chinese.


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