Election 2000: What Is The Law?

by Q

Sunday, November 27, 2000 will go down in American History as the day the nightmare ended and the Presidential Election of 2000 was settled...maybe? Since I am writing this little diddy on that date I cannot yet say. It isn't that I need to hold some ballot up to the sky seeking cosmic help to know how I voted on the matter. Nor do I need to hire a spin team to explain my situation to my fellow Americans. After all, those that tell the truth need no spin team. The Election of 2000 is out of control, out of my hands and in the courts. While both sides tell us how important the Voter is in all this, they are the ones who refuse to trust our judgement. Instead, they leave the choice of what some might say is the world's most important person to some judges who neither represent or answer to Voters.

None of this is any surprise to me. It is merely the end result of picking people to run for President who love themselves more then they do America. Oh, I know. What IS America? How dare I presume to punchcard (excuse the pun) my fellow Americans into some category. After all, everyone has their own idea of what a Patriot is and our Land has long been a place of differing ideas and views. But, wait! Are we to now believe that what America is and what it stands for is merely an idea that happens to pop into someone's head for five seconds? Is it a nation ruled by the latest opinion poll? No. America is like a club. Everyone is allowed to join, but there are rules. We all agree to live by these rules because it is the rules themselves that have made the club appealing to join in the first place.

Typical of a nation that has become enslaved to lawyer politicians, no one can now figure out the law! Suddenly, everthing that has made our nation great is questionable. Mr Gore speaks of a constitution that he believes should grow with the nation. I guess he doesn't believe the one we have is good enough. Perhaps he should run for President of Mongolia. After the way he and his spin doctors have acted during this election and it's aftermath, I doubt that Gore could get elected as a dog catcher. Then there is Mr Bush. From the beginning we were told that good Republicans should support him. Why? Because his name is Bush, he is the heir apparent to the Presidential throne and is connected enough to raise millions for the Republican Party. I do not recall either Candidate saying one meaningful thing during the entire campaign. The only message that seemed loud and clear to me coming from both Candidates was, "Hey, I want to be President!"

I think that one of the best fictional illustrations of humanity trying to organize itself is George Orwell's Animal Farm. But an even better illustration to fit our situation may be H.G. Well's The Island Of Doctor Moreau. In that tale we are introduced to a small group of creatures whom a mad scientist living on an isolated island has tried to make human. Working with everyday pets and farm animals, Dr Moreau uses a diabolical process to turn them into pseudo-humans. While they begin to walk and talk like humans, their basic instincts still cause them to hunt, kill and feed like animals. The Doctor attempts to replace those behaviors by giving the creatures a simple list of laws to obey. A law giver is appointed who constantly reminds the group of the rules by which they hope to live and become civilized. The problem is that they never wanted to be human and found it easier to revert.

If we are to believe the media, no one wants to be the kind of American spelled out in our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. They say that we merely want to be governed and let others solve all our problems. Even our Lawmakers constantly remind us of the latest grave threat that might cause them to make slight changes in our way of life. The idea is that by giving up certain rights and giving elected officials, police and courts more powers, we'll all be safer, richer and better off. Are we safer, richer and better off? Our national intrastraucture is in shables with public schools, bridges and buildings falling apart. Drug use and crime are at all time highs. Most people are making more money, but are seriously in debt. Poverty is currently growing at a rate greater then ever before.

I suggest to you that many people have come to almost hate what America traditionally stands for. Having been fed a steady stream of lies designed to place power in the hands of Lawmakers and remove our rights, many people no longer want to live in an America with a solid Constitution and Bill of Rights. They have been taught that these documents are merely ghosts of a bygone age designed to force artificial values down our throats. I firmly believe that many of the Cowards of the Congress and their political cohorts hate what America traditionally stands for. After all, the treasured documents that hang on with a thread as our national identity keep the everyday American from becoming a subject to be ruled. Instead, they allow us to rule ourselves using a vote as the empowering tool. But, perhaps that too will soon be gone if the courts have their way. Think about it.


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