Do You Know Your Place?

by Q

Many people wonder why I take the time to write this material. Is it an ego trip? I donít think so. If it were I would probably feel better after writing it. Is it an exercise in passion? Probably not. The current political environment has reduced any passion I once felt about anything to occasional bouts of emotion in the form of anger or frustration. In rare instances I feel a certain sadistical glee when one of the cowards of the Congress or some lying political wannabe goes down in flames. In a time when our Leaders are the lying, moraless trash we expect them to be, itís hard to imagine that any one of could do anything so depraved as to warrant banishment from our affections, but that still happens from time to time much to my amusement. Wait, thatís it! I write this dribble for my own amusement.

In times of great trouble my folks would say, ďWell, if you donít laugh youíll only cry.Ē Perhaps this is laughter born of frustration. When one vice president canít spell potato (potatoe?). When another begins his triumphant journey to the White House at the home of Thomas Jefferson only to be embarrassed because he knows so little about American History. When a President is elected based on how many extra dollars we can stuff into our pockets rather then their moral ability to lead a nation. These are the things that have destroyed my faith in politics. But what about choice? After all, not everyone sees things as I do. Maybe I am wrong and they are right? Maybe, but I fear that by the time things can be sorted out all of our abilities to choose will be gone.

Now the American people are asked to choose again as if real choice were actually available. At this writing we enter the Presidential Election season of 2000. With the election just a few months away, we have already been told who we must choose from and why. Both claim to be the choice of the people. Both claim to possess the abilities needed to lead a nation of almost three hundred million people. One is the willing supporter of a complete liar and the other a child of priviledge who cannot answer a simple question about his past. But that neednít concern you. It certainly doesnít concern the young people of our nation.

If one thing became very clear during the Republican and Democratic Conventions of 2000 it was that people under thirty seem to care less about the participants or outcome of this election. Why should they? The middle aged press has painted the young as mindless idiots who exist to attend their next Rave and down as much ecstasy as they can find. The only young people allowed to express their views on TV are those who agree with politically correct issues or support one of the major political party views.

The true American Patriot of today is one who knows their place. For the young person that place is the internet, shopping mall or at college learning to make way more money then their parents. As long as mom and dad can afford to give them wheels, cash and a decent credit card limit, who the heck are they to complain. For those between thirty and retirement that place is working the extra hours to buy that three thousand dollar outdoor grill, paying big into social security so that grandma and grandma wonít have to eat cat food next month and keep buying everything in sight so that the economy will be strong. For the seniors that place is, well, shut up and cash your social security checks, live off your savings and donít sue Doctor Kildare when he gives you an extra ear instead of removing a cancerous growth. I mean, leave the business of Government to the Pros! Donít meddle or get involved unless you are willing to play by the rules or tip the hand that serves you. Look, if you want to play politics you had better be able to give big cash or raise big cash. Just tell those teary eyed do-gooders that you will be happy to front their cause in Congress for the right price!

God bless America.


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