The Future Of The Failure Farm

by Q

School days...good old Golden Rule days...not in this politically correct world! How foolish our forefathers were to believe in any type of golden rule! JERKS!!!

What really counts is how a person feels about themselves, not what they learn. O.K. How do we feel?

As a man in his forties I look back on school with fear and dread. For every one good day I had, there were 30 bad ones. For me school was a place where learning was last.

Many teachers pulled hair, slapped faces and locked their students in airless closets in buildings with no air conditioning or heat for hours at a time. Other teachers and principals knew, but never came forward or cared.

During lunch and break times in the school yard chaos was king. Students were beat within an inch of their lives, stabbed and harrassed to the point of near insanity.

From the beginning teachers praised their pet pupils and spat on everyone else. During the first three years of my elementary school experience, students that didn't interact enough or meet expectations were denied lunch priviledges, restroom visits and given water or no liquids instead of the milk other students enjoyed.

You probably think this all happened in some inner city ghetto school. Nope. It happened in what was then (the early 1960s) called one of the "best school systems in the U.S."

Yes, amidst a sea of nice homes in a bedroom community hours from the nasty city, this was school for me. But, it had to get better, right? Not in a place where the Golden Rule had been replaced with New Math.

Most parents (including mine) that lived within the confines of this stellar example of public school perfection were frustrated by the new means of teaching and learning pushed upon them.

My mother who had graduated at the top of her class from a prominent New York City University could not understand my homework, but I was supposed to! Like many parents, she and my father ended up hiring tutors over the summer. No one wanted to admit that the high taxes they paid suported just another Failure Farm.

It wasn't enough that students had to endure this type of a situation. No. The lawmaker bottom feeders of Washington along with their court cohorts thought they would make things even more interesting introducing BUSING.

Now, kids who had destroyed their own schools could come and destroy others! Not that it's entirely their fault. Rather then admit that decades of racial hatred and discrimination had produced a ghetto mentality and people who had basically given up, our lawmakers tried to move these poor souls out of the ghetto as fast as possible using busing.

The end result of busing was more hatred and even more failure. While lawmakers speak of compensation for the Japanese "victims" of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki a-bomb attacks, they cut spending to rebuild the inner city, improve schools and provide programs to help the now epidemic numbers of the poor in America.

The Failure Farms are a monument to the stupidity that continues. We hear of lotteries that help schools, but the schools are falling apart while NYC Sanitation Workers make four times what a public school teacher almost anywhere in America get paid.

We bow to political stars who do nothing. Have the schools or education in general improved under Reagan? Bush? Clinton? No, things are worse. Charter and Private School are booming for those who can pay.

In case you don't get it, you have been horribly and utterly fooled. Sure, we can clean the homeless out of cities during Olympics and Political Conventions, but more and more the homeless are people from our own ranks. Perfect examples of the fruits of the Failure Farms.

Our system has been corrupted, possibly beyond repair by selfish, self-centered and greedy bottom feeders who want money, fame and power. The Failure Farm is their perfect weapon to keep all numb and asleep while they steal and rob.

Every time you vote the status quo you fire the flames of the Failure Farm and make the greedy rich. Think about it and use your vote while you still have one.


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