Corporate Blogs - Common Features and Trends
By Alan L Smith

The corporate blogs are now gradually gaining popularity as one of the key online marketing tools. The corporate blogs despite being from different industries and serving different purposes have some things in common. Some of the commonly seen features and trends seen in the corporate blogs are as follows.

Creating brand loyalty:

Most of the businesses use the blogs to promote their products or services by including their logo in the blog. The color scheme used in the products, services, advertisements or the website of the business is at times used in the blog to create brand loyalty.

Group of interrelated blogs:

If there are a lot of topics to be addressed to and this is accomplished with the help of a single blog, the blog would become very length to read with interest. The visitor or reader of the blog may lose interest in the blog just because of the word count being very high. Instead of this the businesses resort to small blogs that are interrelated so that the visitors or readers interest is kept intact. A network of blogs is created.


Advertisements on the blogs can be a distraction for the readers and the purpose of the blog may not be achieved. So most of the businesses allow advertisements of their products and services offered by them only and not by someone else.

Different domain:

One can find many corporate blogs hosted on a different domain other than the main website of the company. This is to assure that the visitors to the main website do not come across all the blogs especially those with negative comments.


Nowadays most of the blogs have links in the sidebars that directly open the specific parts of the website or web pages.

Allowing Feedback:

Nowadays corporate blogs are designed in such a way so as to get feedback about the blogs from the readers. There are mainly two types of blogs; one type focuses on the promotion of product or services offered by the business while the other type does not do any such thing. The latter type of corporate blogs has been observed to receive more feedbacks from the readers.

A team of Authors:

Usually when the blog is created by a single author the tone and the style remains the same, but when the blogs are created by a team of authors the tone and the styles vary. The readers feel that the blogs are written by different people and this is how the reputation of the business can be built. This is the reason why most of the times the businesses employ a team of content developers to write the blogs.


Most of the corporate blogs are simple and basically like most other blogs have simple design. The text and the content play a crucial role in the effectiveness of the corporate blogs.

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