3 Biggest Myths About Blogging
By Peter Granders

Making money blogging is the latest craze amongst students and housewives who wish to make some extra cash. Blogging websites like Google, WordPress, etc. are attracting web users by the dozens to put up their blogs and earn money through the contextual advertising companies like Google AdSense. These companies put up ads related to the content on your blog and once users click on these ads they credit money into your account.

Hence your all-time effort will be to generate content that will bring more web traffic to your blog and convert more clicks to cash. In this process you must have gone through countless websites advising you about the type of content you can upload, blog post lengths, frequency of blog posts, etc.

These websites would have covered the nitty-gritty's of blogging, you would have sincerely followed each and every advice only to wonder why doesn't the web traffic increase to your blog. This is because though some of the tips given might be true and in all probabilities might work, there are some myths regarding building up your blog.

Fresh Content:

There are a whole bunch of websites out there who keep telling you that fresh content is king. But with the launch of Bing fresh content seems to have lost its steam. Bing works by listing out websites which are older and are more credible so do not be surprised if you see your 2-3 year old blog posts getting high SEO rankings on Bing.

Fresh content might still rule the roost on other search engines but this is just a part of the whole process of blogging. Design and formatting of your website also plays a big role in increasing web traffic to your blog. Remember these tips before you wonder why a 3000 word post about the most debatable topic on a fluorescent green background and yellow tags is not getting any hits.


Many websites and experts suggest replying to each and every comment to build rapport and repeat visitors to your blog. Comments help generating new ideas for blog posts and hence form an important part of any blog but you surely cannot reply to every comment.

There are many comments which simply state, 'great post', 'loved it', etc. How many times do you expect yourself to say 'thank you'. Though the number of comments increases with each 'thank you' it definitely does nothing to your SEO rankings.

This probably isn't the most popular advice but it is best to stick to replying to comments which have a chance to turn into rich discussions. This will help your SEO rankings and generate more web traffic to your blog.

Building Your Blog:

You simply cannot just build your blog, post content and wait for web users to come. You have to constantly add content and promote your blog. With micro-blogging and 200 million other blogs, promotion and advertising is a necessity to survive.

Blogging has become an enjoyable challenge for many and a lucrative way to make money. However remember certain tips and myths to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to frustration.

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