3 Steps To Making Money Blogging About What You Love
By Larry L O'Connor

Many today are finding the joy in blogging. It is fast becoming something like journalizing to some and a passive income source to others. It doesn't take much to begin your blogging career other than a computer, some typing skills, and an internet connection. But the important thing is people are just finding that it is relaxing; it also gets rid of some stress when they can voice their concerns over what is going on in their lives and that there are actually other people out there who love the things they love. The key is that they are doing something they love; I am here, though, to talk to you about making money blogging about what you love.

I am going to go into 3 steps to be successful in making money doing this, someone once said that it isn't a job when you do something you love. So let's get into how to do it. Here we are going to show you how to be able to do something you love and thus make it less dreadful getting out of bed in the morning. You will be waking up to do something enjoyable and talk about things you want to talk about. But, let's get into the steps now so you can begin.

Step 1) Here you figure out what it is you love that you want to write about. I know this step may not be hard but the key here is to solidify key points in it to relay to others, and also how you may go about writing about this on a weekly, daily basis, or however often you want to blog. Think of these questions: What makes you love it? Can anyone do it? Is it limited to a certain group of people, kind of like extreme sports? If it is limited to a certain group you will want to make sure you get it out to those people so they will see you are writing about it. This brings us to our next step.

Step 2) Determine how often you want to write in it for you to be making money in your blogging. Some people write in their blogs on a daily basis. They have events they are blogging about that happen on a daily basis and in some situations they have things happening on an hourly basis. You have to figure out if you will have enough material to blog daily or weekly or only at specific events.

Step 3) This step is going to be in a couple of different parts. You have to have an appropriate platform for you to be making money blogging. One of the best I have read about and the one I use is WordPress. It offers you plugins and widgets that allow you to customize your site and make it yours so it feels like your own home on the internet. And, incidentally, this is how you want to think of it. Make it yours so others see who you are and get to know you and it will reflect your personality. The other part of this and the most important thing you need to be making money blogging about what you love, is to know where you will talk to others about your posts. One of the best places I have seen is going to a forum that posts on the topic your blog is about and just start becoming part of the community. Offer good advice and talk, build relationships with the people on your forum and they will begin checking out your blog and you will build traffic to it.

So, to sum this up there are really three important steps for you to do to begin making money by blogging. You need to find something you love, set how much time you want to blog and how often you want to blog. And finally, you need to find a place to promote the fact that you are blogging. I encourage everyone to do this because it gets your name out there and you find how many people are wanting to meet others doing the same things they do and who may have some tips or advice for them.

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