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How To Market Your Way Into Becoming The Next American Idol?
By Philip C. Sanders

Television's most famous singing competition. Watched by millions of audience. Kick-started many individual's singing career - Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry the list goes on. Some are today's multi-platinum selling artists. American excellent platform to kick start any successful contestant's singing career. The question is - what can you do to increase your chances of winning?

Here are some guidelines on how to market yourself on TV, particularly on American Idol. This is most practical for top 10 finalists.

Tip 1: Know your strengths and weaknesses. Physical appearance is considered a strength on TV. It does help a little in improving your chances of winning. Beauty does sell! Does sex sell? Not really. Based on the past 6 seasons, some participants did try that...but they were voted off before they could even show more skin! (No names mentioned here) If physical appearance is not your strength, there is always something else (eg. really good voice, outstanding personality, great showmanship etc).

Tip 2: Create a distinct personality and or image. One of the ways to do so is to associate your strength with your image. (For eg, if your strength is "country music", do everything within your control to make audience think of "country music" whenever you appear on TV or your name is mentioned). Even having distinct-physical appearance (eg. you have a mullet, mo-hawk etc) will help audience remember you. Audience need a distinct image or personality to associate with/remember. Stand out. Don't be homogenous.

Tip 3: Do not choose over-played & famous songs. Audience will automatically compare your version with the original and if yours does not sound anywhere near good, your chances of making it to the next round is as slim as a slice of cheese.

Tip 4: Choose moderately-famous songs that have catchy tunes. A catchy tune will instantly grab the attention of the audience that they won't even pay attention to anything else, even if there's a martian sitting next to him/her. ;)

Tip 5: Always hear what the judges have to say, especially Simon's. Why Simon? Simon's rude and harsh on the contestants? Sometimes, or hate to say it...most of the time, he does speak the mind of the audience. And in the top 10 stage, the audience has the power to vote you in or off. Very important to know what the audience thinks of you and improve if you're lucky enough to escape elimination in the previous round.

Tip 6: If you want to win American Idol, don't do whatever you like or think is right. Thinking or assuming will lead you to packing your bags and bidding goodbye to American Idol (eg. "I like singing jazz. Who cares if the audience and judges don't like it. Maybe they're tone deaf. I'll do the same thing in the subsequent round). Understand what the audience and judges like about you and learn to adapt to be a crowd-pleaser. You're not singing to be judged by yourself.

In conclusion, it takes more than just having an excellent voice to win American Idol. Some of the minor aspects must also be considered to secure your chances of winning.

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