Happy Birthday: Not everyone is happy!

by Q

Have you ever watched or experienced something and felt like it just seemed wrong? That happened to me last night. With just a few days until the fourth of July, it seemed wrong to be sending a young Cuban boy back to life in a communist nation. And, really, more then that.

While no one wants to see a father and son seperated, it is an inescapable fact that his mother gave her life to give Elian freedom. Isn't what his mom wanted at least as important as what his dad desires?

Elian's first stop in Cuba with not be at his dad's side as portrayed by the bottom feeder news media of the USA, it will be a communist indoctrination center thinly disguised as a boarding school. We are told he will stay there for an extended period of time with teachers and psychologists helping him adjust to life in Cuba. It's called brainwashing, folks!

The height of my indignation was reached when a TV reporter described Elian's exit from the USA. It was clear to me and everyone else but the brainwashed or brain damaged that Elian had to be carried aboard the charter flight to Cuba and was on the verge of tears. But a reporter named Troy Hayden from Fox 10 News in Phoenix, Arizona, said Elian had a "shy smile" as he boarded the plane home. Hmmm. Perhaps one could say Elian's Miami relatives had a shy smile as they watched him returned to a dictator's lap.

As usual, the Cowards of the Congress managed to add insult to injury by passing legislation that would ease trade sanctions on Cuba. But, don't be fooled. Their motives were no where near as sincere as the self hating Americans (who still believe in the Socialist dream of a Utopian Society) that worked so hard to return Elian to a Murderer of his own people. No, as expected it was about money.

Wait. Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe the Cowards of the Congress are the real Americans. After all, who is more capitalistic then they are? These folks just love to make money! Look at all those millions of dollars they get from special interest groups. And now, by loosening restrictions on trade with Cuba, they get more! After all, Castro can't afford to buy American wheat and farm products. Someone will have to loan Cuba money. Since no one will do that, they'll be all kinds of behind the scenes wheeling and dealing with property and franchises. Someone's going to make a lot of money on this deal and I can promise you it won't be us! It will be our beloved Leaders.

Allow me to propose a toast to those who worked so hard to send Elian home. Let me also include the Cowards of the Congress who did nothing to stop it and most of the news media who supported it all. I hope they go home this fourth of July weekend and have a great time. I hope they enjoy the money that they have taken to sell out the ideals and principles that once made America a great Nation. But while they are enjoying a day off and eating food cooked on their three thousand dollar outdoor grills, I also hope they take a moment to look at the American flag.

When I look at the flag I see a precious symbol of liberty and freedom stained with the blood of everyday people who gave up all they had, no matter how much or little that was, to preserve what it once stood for. When they look at the flag I hope they take a moment to reflect on how hard they have worked to bring dishonor to it and why, largely thanks to them, it may one day not fly at all.

Happy Birthday, America...while it lasts. Use your vote while you still have one and think carefully about the choices you make.


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