Can Anyone Stop The Big Government Insanity? No Passports, Hugs or Gender Specific Rest Rooms For YOU!

By Mysterious Q

If you owe, you can't go! The IRS has just announced that people who owe them more than fifty thousand dollars will not be issued a passport if they request one. This is just another big government step towards making it a crime to owe the government money, even if you do not really owe them a cent and have been falsely accused of some bogus debt.

The IRS has ruined the lives of many Americans by going after them for tax bills that some have never actually owed. That's why most of these kinds of cases end up in some sort of litigation and appear to go on forever. I think it is completely ridiculous to make people that want or need to travel abroad for their livelihood wait until a debt situation with the IRS is resolved.

What this is really about is the IRS version of a quick fix to filling the national coffers with money gleaned from alleged tax debts that may or may not be owed. Note that they are targeting people with large outstanding tax bills who probably have substantial assets and can afford to pay them right away if they choose that option. It's a case of pay first and dispute the debt later or you get no passport.

Student loan collections will be next. While it's true that there are more than a few people that owe and cannot pay their student loans, it also true that the federal government has helped to create the horrendous economic climate we all must live with. They allowed banks and lenders to go on and on with un-ethical and impractical financial transactions designed to full their own pockets with no regard for the larger economic consequences until the bottom dropped out of our economy.

Those owing money for student loans are already penalized though a process that applies any tax refunds owed to them to their loan debt. Since many of these people are anything but rich, this process basically punishes the poor and rewards the wealthy. Like most big government efforts to exert financial and social control over their citizens, it discriminates against the people that are most vulnerable.

It is not hard to imagine that student loan debtors who owe extremely large sums may ultimately face more sanctions like the denial of professional or even driver license renewals. While complaining about student loan dead beats, the big government supporters fail to recognize their part in that debt. They have helped to create a culture of education that seeks to keep students in school as long as possible whether they have a specific career direction or not.

Big government ideology is like a cancer that is rapidly spreading from the federal level to states and towns which are considering or actually enacting all kinds of new laws and rules to modify our behavior to their liking. A good example is the attack on religion. Big government socialists are trying to create a religiously neutral society where public displays of faith are illegal and religious organizations must conform to whatever politically correct rules and regulations are deemed necessary.

Churches and religious groups are being forced to disregard their own beliefs in favor of 'fairness' as defined by Big Brother. Options for health care procedures like Abortions and the offering of various Birth Control methods that many religious people find repugnant are some of things that big government is trying to force on institutions with religious affiliations. Faith based clubs and groups are being barred from meeting in public facilities or forced by schools to accept members who might be doctrinally opposed to their creed in the name of fairness and equality.

Religion is not the only target of big government socialists. They are absolutely intent on creating a gender neutral society. Many schools around the USA have already tried to create rest rooms for people who cannot make up their mind which gender they wish to associate with. Most have failed, but I am sure they will eventually succeed and those doors will just have the drawing of a toilet on them with a question mark below.

You might think that these ideologues favor one group or another, but for them it is not about being gay, lesbian or straight: It's about being neutral. They believe that the problems which exist by being associated with one sexual preference over another can be solved by creating an asexual society where sexual orientation is limited to the bedroom and no one needs to openly display their choices. That's why many public and even some private schools and facilities are now beginning to try and ban public displays of affection.

An eighth grade student in North Carolina was recently suspended from school for trying to hug his teacher after she broke up a scuffle he was loosing in the hallway. Instead of accepting the hug, she dragged him off to the Principal's Office where the suspension was ordered. Other students around the USA have been reprimanded for hand-holding, pats on the shoulder and even high fives. Hugs and shoulder pats and high fives, oh my! I just glad that none of them were kissing. They probably would have been flogged with a steel whip for that.

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