Look Out American Idol, The Circus Is Coming To The X-Factor!

By Mysterious Q

Although 'American Idol' is still one of the most profitable and popular shows on TV, 'The X-Factor' is about to up the game in a huge way. Various credible sources now say that pop legend Britney Spears will be joining the judges on X-Factor for fifteen million dollars this season. Part of that fee allegedly includes payment for several performances by Britney on Simon Cowell's USA version of his reality talent show.

Talks between Simon's people and Britney's people supposedly began around ten million dollars offered by Cowell and twenty-million demanded by Britney. Sources say the two sides settled on fifteen million bucks which is five million more than Christina Aguilera is said to receive from The Voice and three million more than JLO's reported payday for judging duties on American Idol. Fox has to be thrilled because regardless of whether X-Factor or Idol ultimately becomes the ratings champion, both shows are fighting it out on their network.

I believe that the addition of Britney Spears to The X-Factor will not only be a ratings bonanza for the show, but will put all talk about the speed bumps experienced by Cowell's first USA season of the show to rest. It was during that season that ratings were respectable, but no where near what Simon had predicted. That's because I think he was probably depending on the show's format to seal the deal and didn't see the forest for the trees when it came to casting the host and his fellow judges.

The once kind, supportive and affable Paula Abdul from Idol turned into a Judge Judy on X-Factor. Nicole Scherzinger was an accident looking for a place to happen who couldn't seem to make up her mind about anything and when she did, viewers hated her decisions. Steve Jones was a host in search of a personality who couldn't seem to connect with anyone or handle his hosting duties in a smooth and professional manner. With those three gone and the always popular Cowell and Reid remaining, the slate is wiped clean and the stage is set for better things to come.

With Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears in place at the judges table, there is room for one more and (as of this writing) no one knows who that will be. The one certainty is that it will be someone who can work and play well with others, especially Britney. It would not only be awkward, but idiotic to add anyone to the judges panel who might create drama for the pop diva. Only time will tell, but I suspect that the next judge to be hired will be someone without too many axes to grind, with an assertive personality and lots of love to give.

No matter what else happens this season, I am sure that the new star of X-Factor will be Britney Spears. Just listening to her, Cowell and Reid interact will be fascinating. Now thirty years of age, Britney is no newcomer to the spotlight having spent many of those years before the public. Everything she does or says is still red hot news and I am certain viewers will be drawn to the show by the millions just to see what Britney will say or do next. Without wishing her any ill will, even a Britney on-air meltdown would make huge headlines everywhere.

What I think Britney fans really look forward to when the new season of X-Factor starts airing is watching as she begins to mentor performers. Apart from being excited about her performances on the show, I think her fans will show up every week just to have the chance to see a private side of Britney that is not really available to them except through whatever stories appear in the tabloids. Those moments, along with her performances, are the what I think is the real money shot for X-Factor and Fox.

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