8 Million Reasons To Resist Junk Science and Save Your Kids

by Q

Our understanding of mental illness has evolved over the centuries. We’ve gone from merely stashing the afflicted away somewhere, to treating them. However, treatments haven’t always been successful. This is the story that those in the mental health treatment community do not want told.

It wasn’t long ago that cutting out part of a person’s brain or sending substantial voltages of electricity through someone’s head was considered the most modern and effective treatment for mental illness. These ‘effective’ treatments often produced living corpses who became wards of the state. Beyond treatment, there are a number of legitimate concerns and criticisms surrounding how Psychologists or Psychiatrists decide a person is mentally ill or in need of various levels of therapy.

The greatest embarrassment to mental health ‘professionals’ has been their inability to scientifically prove what constitutes a mental disorder. In the 1970’s, for example, thousands of people were found languishing in state mental health facilities throughout the United States who didn’t belong there. It was during that period that people suffering from cerebral palsy, physical disabilities or nothing at all were discovered among thousands of ‘patients’ at often dilapidated facilities.

Mixed with a population of drug addicts, chronic alcoholics, habitual criminals and insane people were those who had been misdiagnosed as mentally ill. Many had been placed there by relatives unable or unwilling to take care of them. Others were admitted by legal authorities acting in good faith on the recommendations of medical professionals. Most had arrived as children or teenagers and been physically and sexually abused for years by other patients or caregivers themselves.

Today, we are told that the ‘bad old days’ of mental health care are long gone. Mental Health Professionals are better informed, trained and have superior diagnostics and treatments to offer potential patients. These treatments often include drugs so caustic that, in liquid form, heavy gloves are required to pour them. Regarding diagnostics, here are some observations requiring a response that are taken directly from a form designed to detect mental illness:

1. At times I can't control the urge to strike another person.
2. I flare up quickly but get over it quickly.
3. I am sometimes overcome with jealousy.
4. If provoked enough, I might hit someone or throw something.
5. I often find myself disagreeing with people.
6. At times I feel that I've gotten a raw deal out of life.
7. When people annoy me I may tell them what I think of them.
8. I sometimes feel like a powder keg ready to explode.
9. My friends would say I can get argumentative.
10. I know my friends talk about me behind my back.
11. When people are especially nice to me, I wonder what they want.

Ask yourself if you would like to end up taking a lifetime of potentially dangerous drugs or spending years in theory based on the way you respond to even a few of those statements? It may surprise you to find that eight million children in the USA are now receiving drugs to treat vague and unscientifically proven mental illnesses based on questions like that and the observation of ‘abnormal’ behavior by unqualified persons such as teachers, principals and school nurses.

Once a teacher, principal or school nurse makes up their mind that your child needs help, watch out! They call in the school or district Psychologist or Psychiatrist who is, more often then not, glad to affirm their observations. Parents are called in, given the bad news and told officially or unofficially that their child will not be welcomed back in school until they are medicated or sign up for counseling sessions.

School systems throughout the world have become outpatient clinics that supply children with daily doses of dangerous drugs to control abnormal behavior described as fidgeting, squirming in their seat, talking out of turn and not listening to a teacher or authority figure. When I was in school those behaviors were treated by a drug called Detention. Before you sign your child up for one of Doctor Feelgood’s miracle drugs, there are some things you should know and probably haven’t been told.

The diagnosis and treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) has become a breakout source of huge profits for drug companies, suburban treatment centers and caregivers. Once Psychiatrists and Psychologists started redefining normal childhood behavior as ‘abnormal’ or ‘deviant,’ they won the lotto for themselves and prescription drug companies. Take note that up until just a few years ago, those same health care professionals diagnosed gay and lesbian people as being abnormal, deviant and mentally ill.

School shootings that occurred at Columbine High School in 1999 and a Native American Educational Facility in 2005, were committed by children being treated for ADHD with prescription drugs. In addition to being ignorant of the dangerous side effects and addiction these drugs can cause, children taking them are often unaware of some of the lifelong consequences associated with being treated for ADHD.

The FDA tells us that there is no cure for ADHD. This means that once you begin receiving treatment for it, you will taking those drugs for the rest of your life. How long will it be before States or the Federal Government insist that people with ADHD continue on their medication until some doctor says they are cured? Even now, many States are limiting the ability of people diagnosed or being treated for ADHD to obtain professional licenses, serve in the field of law enforcement or work in various civil service jobs.

Despite the fact that thousands of school children will be diagnosed with ADHD this year, there are no scientific tests to prove the condition even exists. The existence of the condition and recommended treatments are based solely on theory and conjecture. If a school is failing to educate a child, it has to be the fault of the child or parents. If it’s the child, mental illness has to be the answer and ADHD is often their best guess.

Studies show that drug treatments don’t work. Children being given prescribed drugs fail just as many courses as children who do not take any. Children who do take the drugs are at risk. The FDA has reported that between 1990 and 1997 there were 160 deaths directly related to drugs used to treat ADHD. There were also hundreds of hospitalizations.

Canada has already banned Adderall XR. It was used to treat ADHD, but twenty sudden deaths associated with its use have raised serious concerns. The FDA in the United States has not banned this drug. Ritalin, a more popular drug used to treat ADHD, may be even more dangerous. According to Peter R. Breggin, M.D., Director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology and associate faculty at The Johns Hopkins University, It decreases blood flow to the brain. This can suppress normal physical and mental growth patterns in children.

While counseling is not as harmful as turning your kid into a prescription drug addict, it can have some very serious side effects for you and your family. It’s during professional mental health counseling sessions that serious instances of physical, mental or even sexual abuse are often ‘discovered’ by the therapist as repressed memories. Even more shocking, a determination of what constitutes abuse is left almost entirely up to the Therapist. Just yelling at your child can prompt a visit from Child Protective Services or get you hauled into Family Court. All because you listened to a ‘mental health profession’ and wanted the best for your child.

One hundred years ago doctors offered ‘bleeding’ as a treatment for everything from serious physical injury to a headache. Today, parents are being encouraged to turn their children over to doctors and caregivers who depend on junk science to treat conditions with have no basis in scientific fact. Before you make a decision like that, look into the matter very carefully. The future success and happiness of your child may depend on it.


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