by Q

Anti-War Protesters and Nay Sayers have had their day. Supporters of worldwide socialism and all things anti-Bush have successfully let the American People know how they feel. We’ve all gotten the message that they feel we should not be at war, that President Bush has failed Diplomacy 101 and that he shouldn’t be president anyway, because in the words of Academy-Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Michael Moore, Bush was elected by a “fictitious election.” It’s what they haven’t said that bothers me.

If you were to take reporting of the past week’s anti-war protests at face value, it would leave you with the impression that, just in the USA alone, hundreds of thousands of people spontaneously showed up to express their feelings about the war. But is that what really happened? For months before a single shot was fired, Democratic operatives set the stage for a carefully planned assault of their own. The target was President Bush and the coming War with Iraq. How do we know this? Because the few anti-war protesters featured on television took their comments directly from the Democratic Playbook. Most closely identified themselves with “the workers of the world” and “worldwide socialism.” These were not just casual Protest Marchers, but well-trained Spokespersons mixed with diehard Socialists, Communists and Left-Wing Democrats.

It seems that Liberal Democrats and their anti-war cohorts are now playing the same desperate game that a paranoid Richard Nixon once played against his enemies. Not satisfied with the fact that most Americans see through the ravings of colorful Democratic Ideologists like James Carville and find little in the antiquated Democratic Platform to get excited about, they have decided to use the liberation of Iraq to launch a verbal “dirty tricks“ campaign. It doesn’t matter to them how their protests might make Coalition Soldiers feel as they go into harm‘s way to help give the Iraqi People the same free speech rights that we enjoy, or that this war is designed to protect Americans from future events that might make the terrorist attacks of 9/11 pale by comparison. All that matters in their mind is that they rescue the American People from themselves!

While most of us are forced to live in the real world where Islamic Terrorists blow things up in the hope of finding or creating some Mohammedan Utopia, many Left-Wing Democrats, Socialists and Communists are keen to impose their views and issues on Americans regardless of how we feel about them. That’s because, as some very slanted network news coverage of the Iraqi War plainly reveals, the average American is probably too stupid to know what’s good for them. If we were smart we would know the War with Iraq was wrong and we would have voted for their candidates last November. But since they believe the election was decided by the Supreme Court rather then a popular vote, why would that matter anyway? Forget the fact that polls reveal most Americans support the liberation of Iraq as President Bush has decided to execute it. That just shows how we’ve all been brainwashed by conservative talk show hosts and large corporations.

We are constantly reminded by a majority of the news media that most people do not understand the complexities of the global consequences involved in regional conflicts. Translation: we’re all a bunch of idiots that need to be led around on a short leash. It’s sad when statements and observations about the War and President Bush by Reporters from Mainland China seem less condemning then those made by network news anchors and some broadcast journalists. The problem with being completely devoted to one philosophy or point of view is that sometimes we talk so much about it, that we lose the ability to consider any other side of the issue. Now that’s fine for True Believers and Armchair Generals, but it’s a dangerous road for objective people to travel on.

What we believe politically should be who we really are as individuals. We should find out who we are by asking all the questions, not just the one‘s whose answers are likely to support some specific political agenda. We must be willing to examine all the facts as they stand, not just as they may apply to a particular philosophy. Gone is the day when some blanket platform, whether it be democratic or republican, can define an American. But, as a whole, what does America stand for? Is it merely free speech or political diversity? While we are told that Americans lack a global view of important issues, most of the world has no idea what makes America great. Many think it’s wealth by chance or as a result of some infernal conspiracy, held and protected by military might. But the same thing that allows our people to prosper, affords us the freedom of speech and political diversity that we all enjoy. That thing is Freedom. And not just a collective freedom, but individual liberties. Abraham Lincoln said, “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it."

Many who are against the War believe that it’s very American to protest what they feel is in an unjust incursion on a sovereign nation. But if the Anti-war Protesters can put down their placards for just a moment, I would like for them to consider a few things and find out what it really is that they‘re supporting. Protesters have echoed many of the same arguments made by the Germans, French and Russians saying that War wasn’t needed to disarm the Iraqis and that the conflict would further destabilize an already politically-unstable region. But evidence uncovered in Iraq by Coalition Intelligence Services has already revealed that the Russians have been very busy selling the regime of Saddam Hussein sophisticated equipment designed to give him an edge in any war with his neighbors and protect him from attacks by American and other Allied aircraft trying to enforce no fly zones that were in effect prior to the start of the current conflict. According to information buried deep inside the reports of U.N. Weapons Inspectors, the Russians haven’t been the only ones playing on both sides of the issue. German and French Companies have also provided Iraq with information and products that give the nation a military advantage over neighbors and could easily keep weapons of mass destruction from remaining undetected and undiscovered for years. How was all this going to help disarm Saddam? This not only exposes dirty little secrets hidden from world view by the Germans, French and Russians, but sheds light on the true agenda of their positions on disarming Iraq.

Saddam, his sons and a hierarchy of Hussein Loyalists have treated themselves to a lifestyle befitting kings and spent oil for food money on weapons systems to tighten their hold over the people of Iraq. While many of the Hollywood Anti-War Elite shed crocodile tears over the destruction of rainforests and the displacement of indigenous peoples in South America, it doesn’t seem to bother them that a madman who has already killed hundreds of thousands of his fellow Arabs and Iraqi Citizens was allowed to remain in power for so long. Liberals speak of him as a petty dictator who was boxed in by the world and monitored by the United Nations, but ignore all the human rights abuses he has carried out against innocent men, women and children that also must exist in that box. While Hillary Clinton speaks out loudly and often against the abuse of American Children and how they are denied basic rights, she is strangely silent about the rights of the Iraqi Children who must live a sub-human existence under a terrible tyrant who cares nothing for them and promotes their silence. I guess it only takes a village to raise American Children. Whether they realize it or not, most people who do not support the War with Iraq are, by decision or default, racists. But it doesn’t stop there. If they support the view of nations like Germany, France and Russia, they become collaborators in Saddam’s efforts to hide weapons of mass destructions. Since it seems unlikely that even the U.N. would have been foolish enough to allow Saddam any further incursions into his neighbor’s territories without interdiction, why would he continue to develop these weapons unless they were designed and kept for the purpose of use against his own people or as revenge weapons to be distributed among terrorists for use against western nations. This would make those against the disarming of Saddam immediate or future co-criminals in the deaths of thousands or even millions of innocent people.

The actual nature of the Socialist Agenda that many Democrats and left wing true believers support is revealed by the Iraqi situation. While they tell little white lies expressing how much better life would be for everyone if the government ran most everything and ignored events abroad, they fail to mention their lack of concern for individual liberties. That’s because individuals mean nothing to them. Iraq is actually a casebook study for a society run by a socialist-style dictator. That’s probably why many Democrats and all left wing ideologists do not want to see it fail or end. The same may be said of Cuba. Despite poverty on a level almost unrivaled in the Western World and the abuse of human rights on a legendary scale, Democrats and left-wing journalists laud over Castro and the socialist system he has created. Nary a word was uttered in the press recently when the Cuban Dictator began a crackdown on dissidents like any unseen since he took power.

While is it the right of every American to express their opinions on any issue, it is also their responsibility to look at both sides of question in the light of day. Merely chanting slogans and following the crowd because they support a particular political party or view reveals antiquated thinking. In a day when information is so readily available, it seems ridiculous and infantile to ignore hard facts in favor of out of date political ideologies. If we are to be exposed to the stirrings of a liberal conscience when exposed to left-wing journalists, reporters and commentators, then they ought to make their argument with facts that support their position instead of cheap attacks on the people and policies that do not. Only a fool is a lover of war in any form, but no true lover of freedom and liberty can possibly be against denying the same rights to others who are oppressed by insane despots. To show support for a U.S. President trying to protect Americans and simultaneously liberate people living under a murderous despot is not to be for war, but rather against tyranny. And that’s a very American thing to be!


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