Hey Teddy, It Ainít Vietnam!

by Q

As if it came as any surprise, the Democrats have spent much of their time since the big election defeat of November beating the anti-war drum in the Iraq situation. In that regard, one wonders who the heck is feeding them this advice? Perhaps itís coming from some paid Democratic Adviser who, following in the footsteps of their most recent favorite icon, is sitting in some backroom in Washington getting his tires rotated by an intern or not inhaling illegal substances? Given those distractions, it might shed light on the inexplicable reasons for taking a position that nobody actually believes in or cares about. While the media warned the County of ďmassive anti-war protestsĒ due a few weeks ago, most of the ďhundreds of thousandsĒ turned out to be twenties and fifties of people in their fifties and sixties who never got over the anti-war protest fever of the sixties and seventies.

It was painfully embarrassing to watch Tom Daschle make light of President Bushís comments after the State of the Union address last month. Apparently in denial after the November losses, he continues to spout the same tired lines that members of the older Democratic leadership did before the elections. They tell us over and over again that the American People have questions. Well your right Tom, I have one right now. When are you going the shut the heck up, start living in the real world and get in touch with what most Americans want? We want you to stop working toward the imagined Utopia your college professors promised that a socialist world would deliver and start passing some legislation that will help Americans with the actual constitutional promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the real world!

If Daschle has appeared to be a tragic, old salesman trying to sell the last of an unused, unpopular and obsolete line of philosophical items before retirement, then Teddy Kennedy was just sad when he spoke after Colin Powell made the case against Iraq at the U.N. As if reading from a 1960s Students For A Democratic Society anti-Vietnam War pamphlet, he raised all the usual anti-war disputations that socialists love. Again, more questions! Perhaps Teddy will still be asking these same questions when an average American who doesnít have their mail screened by the Feds opens an envelope laced with some horrible contagion or poison provided to a fanatic by Saddam? While everyone should be concerned about things like collateral damage (a polite phrase for civilian casualties), no one seems honestly concerned about the fact that a real nutcase has continually tried and, in some cases, succeeded in building and launching weapons of mass destruction. Ever try to reason with the school bully? If you did, Iíll bet you still remember the black eyes you received in response!

I recently saw James Carville wearing a womanís wig on some CNN show. Already acting as if heís mad as a hatter, it seems that the current Democratic position on Iraq has driven him over the edge, and he may not be alone! Most younger democrats seem to be distancing themselves from their elder statesmen. Many are saying little or nothing about Iraq and trying to be respectfully absent from photo-ops where Democratic Grey Panthers spout their anti-war stuff. Many of todayís younger Dems were babies, young children or not even born yet during all or part of the Vietnam War years. Opps, did I say War? Quick, someone call the PC Police! I meant to say Conflict. See, itís O.K. to say Gulf War because a republican got us into that, but never acceptable to refer to the Vietnam or Korean Conflicts as actual wars. Thatís probably because Democrats started those and they would NEVER start a war without any good reason or a clear objective?

Look, letís forget all about this talk of war! Even though it seems logical that getting rid of a major threat to everyday Americans is a good reason and clear objective, I think we should just send Tommy and Teddy over to see Saddam. Maybe they can explain all about their questions and collateral damage concerns to him. After that, Iím sure heíll just realize this whole thing was a misunderstanding and disarm as folks want him to. Or maybe after getting an earful of their rap, heíll do the world a favor and use some of those chemical weapons on himself to end the torture!


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