Thanks? No Thanks!

by Q

As if to serve as an addition to the latest version of PC speak, we now have a new way to say “screw you” without the bad words. But it’s who we are saying this to that really bothers me! While brave men and women of the armed forces of the United States head into harm’s way, we hear self-serving broadcast journalists and media personalities preaching patience and peace. When veterans call in to radio talk shows or take part in so-called broadcast town meetings, these denizens of the media start out by saying, “Thank you for your service.” And they invariably remind audiences that without such service, the ability to freely disagree would probably not exist. In that they are correct. Many veterans find themselves on opposite sides of the issue of how to handle Iraq, but all have given of themselves to be able to take whatever side they choose in a free society. The insult, however, comes when you realize that the same person who is thanking you for your military service is saying that the military should be used to secure our rights, but not to protect our people.

Once again we find ourselves victims of a PC attack of political philosophy verses personal safety. I have no doubt that if some maniacal despot happen to seize power in our nation, the first request uttered by the press and broadcast media would be that the American Military surround their facilities and protect their freedom of speech. It wouldn’t bother them if blood were shed to protect their right to freely express themselves because, in their mind, that is a righteous cause. But saving average Americans from the horror of germ or radioactive terrorism is obviously not a reason good enough to use the military. As with the terrorism attacks of 9/11, they prefer to wait until after the event occurs to decide what to do about it. Many of the press and broadcast media have been so indoctrinated with the socialistic view of a one world community, that they would gladly give up their lives for it. And that would be fine with me, but if I am going to die for a philosophy, it had better be one that includes the righteous protection of average Americans against any and all threats.

As a veteran, I respect the right of my fellow veterans to express whatever view they have on the Iraq situation as much as I understand the need for print and broadcast journalists to play the PC game. But I would be less then honest if I did not remind all the anti-war protagonists and those concerned with how American Muslims feel about the Iraq situation that many other Muslims around the world consider the killing of Americans a free pass to Heaven. They are not swayed by or impressed with diplomatic efforts of any kind. As the latest Bin Laden tape revealed, they are more then willing to work with people that they consider to be beneath themselves on a religious or doctrinal level, as long as they can achieve their terrorist goals. We can rightfully assume this means that alliances between tyrannical despots like Iraq’s Hussein and Bin Laden are a given and could even be mutually beneficial. But where does that leave the average American?

Those who snidely say, “Thank you for your service,” are missing the point of that service. This is not some Military venture with a vague goal designed to propagate the spread of our idea of democracy around the world. The Iraq situation represents a clear and present danger to every American. People haven’t been spending the better part of the past week buying duct tape and bottled water because there is no actual terrorist threat. And they haven’t taken these precautions because the government has told them to. Sane Americans have looked at terrorist activity at home and abroad over the past few years and decided that their very lives are in danger! It has become painfully obvious to all but the hopelessly Utopian that there are people out there more then willing, and even happy, to trade their own lives for a chance to kill Americans and other people they consider to be infidels.

These people have found depots like Hussein and rogue nations like North Korea who, for their own purposes, are willing to provide them with shelter or weapons of mass destruction. It’s wrong for the news media to continually characterize U.S. Government efforts to stop Iraq from developing or producing terrible weapons as some politically-motivated, reckless military venture. Anti-war slogans, diplomatic niceties and polite debates are meaningless in the face of American men, women and children dying horrible deaths by the thousands to provide Muslim extremists with a happy hereafter! Let history and individual opinion decide whether the use of American Forces in Vietnam, Korea or elsewhere was right or wrong. Today, whether anyone likes it or not, every U.S. Soldier on the battle line against nations that support terrorism is a true hero and the protector of their fellow Americans. So when you thank any American Veteran for their service, don’t say it sarcastically or self-servingly. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.

Most veterans are just like me. I didn’t sign up or serve for your thanks or lack of it. I served to protect a way of life, but also more than that. I served to protect myself, my family and my fellow Americans from the kind of hopeless despotism that others live with daily. I didn’t serve so that we could all cower in fear to preserve some idiot’s idea of a perfect world. I didn’t serve so that the United Nations could decide how safe or in danger Americans can expect to be. My constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness shouldn’t hang on how good or bad a presentation to the U.N. was. If you really want to thank me for my service, then be smart enough to know your enemies and deal with them, before they bring death to your door and mine.


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