It's O.K. To Be Gay (but NOT in school!)

by Q

Those against teaching or promoting alternative lifestyles in school would call it poetic justice, and they might just be right! A 15 year student filed a civil rights lawsuit against Coombs Middle School in Banning, California, claiming discrimination based on sexual orientation. Ashly Massey claims that she was barred from the girl’s locker room at her school last year because of a rumor that identified her as a lesbian. While anyone and everyone that represents the school has refused comment on the incident, Massey says that she was made to sit in the Principal’s Office during Gym class for a week and a half without explanation and with no parent notification. Finally, someone in Administration told her that other girls felt “uncomfortable” undressing in front of her.

Well, the worm has finally turned! For years we have been told by Gay Advocates that children should be taught about the possibility of alternative lifestyles as early as Kindergarten. Many schools have given into this view and established some sort of program to teach that gay and lesbian lifestyles should be considered legitimate. As a way of satisfying others who feel this actually promotes a homosexual lifestyle, most schools also give parents the right to have their children opt out of these particular lessons if they like. But, as the old story goes, trying to stand in the middle of an issue is like standing in the middle of a freeway…very dangerous. Schools seem to be saying that it’s O.K. to be gay, but not in school!

Seniors at a high school in Crete, Illinois, recently voted two female students the “Cutest Couple” and planned to publish pictures of the girls standing next to each other in their yearbook. When school officials got wind of the decision, they immediately took action to prevent it all from happening. But after receiving hundreds of letters from students and a lot of unwanted publicity, the officials gave in and allowed publication of the yearbook left unedited. Over the past couple of years, other public schools in the U.S. have tried to ban same sex couples from school dances and senior proms. So what schools are saying is that students can be as gay as they like, but not openly. Or, at least not on campus. Wow, that really pins the whole thing down, doesn’t it! Three cheers for the big brains in charge of the nightmare they created.

Advocates for public education just can’t understand why so many parents have decided to home school their children. Over and over again they point out the damage done to home schooled kids by denying them the cultural experience of mixing and interacting with other children. Well, I guess they would have a point except that it seems like school officials are saying that mixing and interacting had better be on a heterosexual level! If it’s anything else, they had better keep it private and off campus. Once again we find that public schools are sending children mixed messages that can only result in confusion and frustration. It’s not only ludicrous, but it’s unfair. Every time a religious or private school elects to enforce behavioral codes based on the moral doctrine accepted and followed by the over-whelming majority of students enrolled there, these institutions are castigated as anti-gay or labeled as places that teach hate education.

Now that public schools are faced with living up to what they teach, where are all the hecklers? Where are the marchers and picket sign holders? While broadcast news has spent years covering these issues and promoting what they call “fairness” in public education, why are they strangely silent when schools decide not to practice what they preach? Where is the outrage? Why do we not see reporters from 60 Minutes or 20/20 camped on the lawn of public schools waiting to jump on teachers and principals that refuse to allow students to express their sexual orientation openly? We don’t because, like all armchair generals, they chicken out when the real battle starts. All of the news reporters and commentators that were proponents of teaching gay lifestyles in public schools are running for the hills, hoping that school officials will figure out how to handle what can only become a growing problem and news media embarrassment.

One would think, perhaps erroneously, that educators would have enough forethought to consider the possible consequences and provide for the results of teaching alternative lifestyles as acceptable. Acceptable to who, when and how? Are public schools now saying that students cannot choose their sexual preference until after they are handed a diploma or leave school? Are they telling us that homosexual students had better keep it all off school property? If not, public schools had better be ready to provide alternative locker rooms and dressing areas. What if heterosexual students find that being in the same bathroom with homosexuals makes them feel uncomfortable? Will the schools provide for separate restrooms?

Children are constantly bombarded with examples of people living alternative lifestyles on the shows they watch, in the movies they see and the books they read. Most parents either will not or don’t want to influence their children’s sexual orientation for fear of being labeled as homophobic bullies. So, ready or not, public schools had better start deciding how to handle issues that, they themselves, have helped to make a part of the current fabric of American Culture. Rather then sending kids to the Principal’s Office, school officials need to stop hiding behind their desks, come out of their offices and start helping us all to clean us this mess.


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