Terrorism: The Price We Have Paid for Tolerance

by Q

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the American People again became the victims of Islamic Terrorists. Rather then divide us, the horrifying events of that day have united Americans and all freedom-loving peoples like never before. But there is no crime in examining the failed policies that lead up to these tragedies. As far back as the original World Trade Center bombing in 1993, U.S. Government Officials were told that Islamic Terrorists and Arab Extremists had every intention of bringing down the twin towers and causing mayhem on U.S. properties and assets worldwide. As if to underscore this threat, members of the same group that tried to blow up the World Trade Center did manage to destroy one of our embassies in 1996 and damage the USS Cole in 2000 causing loss of life and severe injuries.

To say that those in Washington dropped the ball on this one is akin to saying that Ted Bundy was merely an admirer of women. While powerful politicians played their usual games assigning friends and supporters to sensitive committees in charge of things like intelligence gathering, Americans were being targeted by terrorists with far more commitment to their jobs. Let us not lose sight of the fact that Gary Condit, a man who has lied and deceived law enforcement and may be guilty of far worse, is just one of the political cronies serving on such a committee. The scary thing is that he is still on that committee and no one seems to care.

Americans do not want to believe that people we elect do not care about us, but I’m afraid it’s a fact. In the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, we have learned that the Air Force was more then willing to allow two jumbo jets under obvious terrorist control to approach New York City, but immediately scrambled fighter jets when they discovered another two were headed toward Washington, D.C.

Politicians seem willing to forgive each other of most any illegal or immoral act as long as they stay true to ideological goals set by their party leadership. While Republicans have catered to the needs of big business at the expense of the average American Worker, Democrats have marched to Political Correctness at any price. That march has lead directly to the events of September 11, 2001. Even as Islamic worshippers and Arabs celebrate in the streets of Middle Eastern Nations at the news of America’s tragedy, our Leaders urge us to be “tolerant” of these people. Let us take a moment to examine their values and goals.

We are told that Islam is just a religion like Christianity or Judism and that we should be tolerant of Muslims. Those who commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam are always called extremists and considered to be outside the mainstream of worshippers, but is any of this true? Unlike Christianity and Judism which certainly have their extreme elements, Islam teaches that it is the only true religion and that all unbelievers should be killed. Islam also contains a number of traditions which are followed as seriously as the belief itself. These include the persecution and mistreatment of women and the establishment of holy wars against infidels (that’s most of us!).

Many of the traditions followed by Muslims are actually hand me down practices from Arab culture. These include the toleration of slavery (which is still practiced in many Arab Nations) and the degradation of women (including the toleration of female sexual mutilation and punishment by death of women who might choose to marry someone against their family‘s wishes). Not all Arabs should be associated with the filthy animals that hide under the politically correct banner of toleration, but it would be wrong for Americans to believe that most of these people want to live and let live or have our best interests at heart.

Beyond the many warnings ignored by self-loving politicians whose first concerns are always wealth, power or both, it was fascinating to see that those in charge of our Intelligence Services actually had one of Osama bin Laden's men, currently accused of involvement in the World Trade Center attack, on their payroll. He can be seen in a CIA counter-terrorist training video! And now the American People are told to be patient as these same brilliant minds are to be trusted with the locating, capture and punishment of Osama bin Laden himself?

God bless America. We live in a nation that is unique and great in so many ways. I would not want you to misunderstand my motives in writing this. But I believe it is time to face the facts and rid ourselves of false values. One of these false values is the belief that everyone deserves equal treatment and respect no matter what they believe. If Islamic Terrorists and their Arab Supporters show us by their actions that they mean us harm, let us separate ourselves from them and protect our families from the death and destruction they plan. We have no reason to respect people who hate, practice religious intolerance and plan desperate acts of terrorism.

By way of paraphrase, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. once said that all evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing. I think that there are many good people in our nation who believed that these animals meant them no harm and, therefore, may have had suspicions and told no one about them or any of the seemingly strange things they did leading up to September 11, 2001. These were not stupid people, but rather individuals who bought into the idea of politically correct tolerance. So, good people did nothing and evil prevailed!

It wasn’t even minutes after the twin towers collapsed before the major news networks already began reinforcing the ideals of their politically correct task masters. Arab Leaders from within the USA and around the world appeared on American TV screens reinforcing their condemnation of terrorist acts. Despite their claims of non-complexity and pleas for tolerance, each added their own carefully phrased objection explaining how U.S. Policies were also to blame for the tragedies.

It is more then meaningful that almost all the Islamic Terrorists carried Saudi passports and had connections with Egypt. Yet no one in the news media thought to question this and seemed more concerned with the connections to Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan. All this came to light while Saudi and Egyptian Leaders condemned the attacks and never mentioned the fact that much of the money that supports bin Laden does not come from his private fortune, but rather from supporters in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Lie after lie is ignored in favor of tolerance.

I do not ask that my fellow Americans begin to hate or even distrust people of Arab decent or Arabs living or studying in the USA on visas. But I do ask that they report suspicious activity, be sure the actions of these people match their words and treat these individuals as they would any other strangers in their lives. Being vigilant is not being hateful and this kind of vigilance might just save many lives, starting with your own!


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