Government Authoritarianism

by Q

Itís more then ironic that the latest example of the Politicianís iron rule over the people supposedly living in a free Country took place just a few miles from the infamous Ruby Ridge standoff between a citizen, his family and the FBI. There is no point in arguing about that sad adventure in American History. All the major participants must claim some measure of wrongdoing. The same might be said about Waco and the Elian Gonzalez disaster. But this is a bit different.

Just a month ago, JoAnn McGuckin of Sand Point, Idaho, lost her husband. Her five children, aged eight to sixteen, lost their father as Michael McGuckin finally died after a long illness. Less the two weeks after his death, the local Police came to the door of the McGuckin home, lured Mrs. McGuckin out of the home on false pretenses and arrested her on child neglect charges. A short time later, Welfare Authorities came for the children, but they refused to go. Instead, the kids let dogs out in the yard and armed themselves with a few old guns that were kept in the house for security and hunting.

Wanting to put on the best face, the local Police told reporters (who were stepping over each other to cover the story) that the McGuckin home had no electricity, no running water and no food. They claimed that the children were in danger of starving to death. Authorities also claimed that the family had Survivalist leanings. For a time, most of the press and public accepted this story. But then some relatives of the McGuckin Family came forward and exposed the truth. The McGuckin home had running water, electricity and food. In fact, when Police entered the home they did not find some survivalist bunker, but a tidy and well kept household with food in the closets and refrigerator..

It turned out that someone had seen one of the McGuckin children reading a book considered to be Survivalist in nature. It was a book about water conservation. Now a forty six-year-old widow is in jail for nothing, children have been ripped from their home, and for what? Simply to illustrate a point. The Government is in charge and you had better do what they say when they say it! It seems that refusing Food Stamps and Government Welfare is now a crime in America!

A physical exam given to the McGuckin children after they were taken into custody showed that they suffered from ďslight malnutrition.Ē Thatís more then can be said for the thousands of children whose parents receive food stamps. Many of them are starving even though their parents work and get food stamps. Thatís because they are given so little in benefits, and that tiny bit is often taken away because someone didnít correctly fill in a form or failed to file the mountainous paperwork forced on them in a timely manner.

I love America. I love its freedom, diversity and opportunities. But if the control freaks that inhabit Congress have their way, these things will quickly vanish. Their incessant need for power and authority over Americans has spread like a computer virus to every branch of Government, from the federal to the local level.

A few years ago I caught my kids watching the TV Show, COPS. I dislike the show because it glorifies the use of violence and authoritarianism as a solution to societyís problems. Before I changed the channel, I noticed that a Police Officer was standing on someoneís porch saying to them, ďIn this town, when a Police Officer tells you to do something, you had better do it right away!Ē No statement better illustrates the disdain and lack of respect that those in power have for the average American.

I appreciate the fact that Police Officers have an incredibly tough job and face death on a daily basis. I also believe that many would prefer to do things differently if they could. But, they have been forced into a corner. Trained to exert absolute authority over people, they have little choice in how they act. Worse, the lives of Police Officers are endangered by Politicians who mandate the mistreatment of prisoners. This explains why so many police chases occur and why many people would rather die then be arrested.

Of course, the Politicians and those who support them do not have to obey the rules and laws they mandate. Note that the Authorities who lied to the press and public regarding the state of the McGuckin household will not be charged with any violations of their oath of office, which includes being truthful. And Iím sure Welfare Authorities will carefully adjust the final report on the McGuckin household to make everyone, but the family, look good and be exonerated.

Another example of how rules apply to Americans, but not those in power comes from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Three men working in the same place were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, This is extremely rare in men. So rare that a man is more likely to hit all the Power Ball lottery numbers twice in two days, then to be diagnosed with breast cancer and have two other men from the same workplace develop the disease as well.

The men are Property Assessors and worked in the County Government Building in Albuquerque. For years, the local, state and federal Government had been aware that a transformer close to the office was putting out a terrible smell. ďItís was like a burning motor,Ē one man said. They were also aware that the same equipment was generating a large and potentially dangerous electromagnetic field. But no definitive action was ever taken.

When the men with cancer confronted Government Authorities, they were told the situation was being studied. Years ago, people that worked in the antenna room of the Empire State Building in New York City near large microwave antennas that put out powerful electromagnetic fields all developed brain cancer. This is a danger that Authorities knew existed, but ignored.

When it came to the Albuquerque situation, where were all the Government Inspectors who are so quick to swoop down on any job site or work place considered unsafe? Well, itís obvious that the rules donít apply when the offender is the Government itself! Two of the three men are suing the Government. Good luck! Federal Judges routinely over turn jury verdicts and judgments against Government Officials and Agencies, as well as those against large Corporations. After all, thatís where the Politicians get all their soft money while in office and cushy jobs after they retired from they laughingly call public service or public life.

Use your vote while you still have one.


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