Gore Vidal and Timothy McVeigh

by Q

Author Gore Vidal has accepted an invitation to attend and view the execution of Timothy McVeigh, the convicted bomber of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. Vidal told reporters, "I shall detest it, I don't like the death penalty, I'm not of a morbid disposition. But he (McVeigh) asked, and I thought, well we both have the same feelings about government running amok," he said from his home in Ravello, Italy.

Among the controversial author’s novels are Burr and Lincoln. McVeigh began writing to Vidal because of the author’s well-known distrust of American Politicians. Vidal told reporters that he only answered the letters because he felt that they were well written. He went on to point out that McVeigh’s actions in bombing the federal building were as inexcusable as Janet Reno’s actions were in attacking the cult compound in Waco.

No intelligent person would ever excuse McVeigh’s actions. Two wrongs never make a right, especially when other avenues of protest are plainly available. On the other hand, no intelligent person can help but reach the exact same conclusion that Vidal has reached when he says that any Government that practices terrorism on their own people can expect the same in return. More so, when the Government terrorism goes unpunished and even accepted by a media ready, willing and able to accept faults in a President and his people that they perceive as righteous.

The media has painted McVeigh as a wacko, militia-minded killer and dismissed his views. This clearly illustrates the error he made in taking the actions that he took. The end result did nothing to punish the Government for Waco and, in fact, basically killed the Militia Movement. Any credible voice Militia Leaders or those opposed to what happened at Waco may have had with the media died along with the Oklahoma bombing victims. But when Vidal began speaking about McVeigh, Waco and Governmental abuse of the people, the media didn’t know what to do.

Gore Vidal hasn’t blown anyone or anything up to our knowledge. He is a respected intellectual and successful author who many people tend to believe. Unable to paint him in a corner as Republican, Democrat, Anarchist or otherwise, the media reveals it’s fundamental weakness. In their constant effort to sway public opinion, remain close to a Government they depend on to feed them news tips and survive in the bubble of political correctness, the media simply cannot deal with the truth delivered in a logical way. Their weakness is that they totally ignore the truth in favor of other considerations. In doing so, they feed the fire of the simple-minded that are always ready, willing and able to commit foolish acts in a desperate attempt to bring justice to those denied.

Had the media called George Bush, Janet Reno and Bill Clinton on the carpet for their handling of the Waco incident, Militia memberships would not have swelled, people now dead would probably be alive in Oklahoma City and we would all feel a little better about our Government. But the media has obviously adopted a philosophy or belief system that Government should govern every aspect of people’s lives and that the public, generally speaking, should not be allowed to make up their own minds about anything. Depending on the individual ideology of the person or group covering the news, they sell us their political heroes as saviors while our liberties vanish behind a smokescreen of righteous indignation. New laws and statues restricting our rights are enacted to by these false prophets ro help “protect us” from drugs, drug dealers, gun nuts, criminals and whatever ‘flavor of the week’ cause Politicians decide to use to remove control of our lives from us and transfer it to them.

Vidal once said, “Politics is made up of two words, poli, which is Greek for many, and tics, which are blood-sucking insects.” Use your vote before you no longer have one.


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